You might be ready to take things to the next level, but he is the reason why the process is slowing down. He doesn't seem as interested as you are about being in a relationship with you as he may have once portrayed to be. You want someone who is serious enough and respects you enough to keep it real with you. Here are 8 signs that he just may be too immature for a relationship...

1. Whenever you both are together he is very distant. 

Keeping his attention may seem to be difficult to do after a couple of minutes or even hours. He doesn't seem interested in sharing what's on his mind and he spends his time on his phone or on his game. He always tries to distract himself or seems in a daze whenever you are both together. 

2. He doesn't want to be together but still wants you around.

He will make it clear to you that he enjoys his freedom and having options in so many words. If he really can not make it clear to you to have the understanding that he doesn't want to be your man then he is truly immature. You don't need any guy who just wants to have you around as an extra option.

3. He plays with your emotions and does things to make you angry on purpose.

Being silly all the time and pushing your buttons to make you click out is not attractive. Guys like him will trigger you to get pissed off to make fun of your whining, crying, or screaming. A guy who truly respects your emotions will not try to piss you off for jokes. 

4.  He's inconsiderate. 

He thinks about himself before anyone else. He shows little to no interest in truly starting a relationship or even talks about how much better being single is and means to him. He toys with your emotions and the thought of ever being in a serious relationship.

5. He's more interested in being with his friends than you. 

If he spends more time out with his friends than being with you then this guy is truly not the one to be trying to tie down. He would make time for you and it would be enough time for you both to enjoy together.

6. He doesn't communicate with you. 

It's difficult for you to connect with him on a deeper level. He doesn't want to open up and share his emotions with you. He possibly doesn't feel a deep connection with you or is afraid of opening up to you. A man who can share his deepest thoughts with you and connect with you on a higher level is truly someone you would want to consider taking things to the next level. 

7. He always talks about sex with you.

He always seems to want a sexual favor done or talks about having sex with you. If you are not ready to take it to have sex with him, then this is the type of guy who is seriously after one thing. If you already have had sex with him then he has a secret agenda to keep you around for sexual favors. You don't want to end up just being a piece of ass to any man. 

8. He doesn't want to go out on dates. He just wants to meet up. 

This is a very tricky sign to realize for some women. This type of guy would make it seem like he is taking you out on a date; when in all actuality he is really meeting up with you to pass some time. He doesn't label you two going out with each other as a date, it's just you two catching or meeting up. Guys like this love to beat around the bush and someone who is going to keep it real with you is totally a way better option. 

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