Are you still beating yourself up mentally over something that has happened in your life? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone and you never have been. We all have been hurt more than just a few times. 

We have all learned some type of way to deal with our emotions. Many of us are still trying to pick up the pieces of where our situations left us. Sometimes, after cleaning up and gathering our belongings that the storms in our lives may have destroyed and displaced, it can strengthen us...

Going through breakups, job losses, divorces, broken friendships, past addictions, death, missed opportunities, and failure, they all can truly harden us. WE can become bitter. WE can become blamers. WE can become people that no one wants to share their company with. When storms arrive in our lives, we oftentimes don't see the warning signs before they happen. Just like people watch the news to be alerted on a hurricane forming or a storm that is coming to their area (there are always warning signs.) 

I think that I ignored many warning signs of broken friendships, relationships, and missed opportunities before they even happened because I wanted to prove myself wrong. 

There was always that voice inside of my head that told me, "Lynn, this situation/friendship will not end well." 

Guess what? I ignored that voice. 

As I look back, I am happy that I did ignore that voice. I want to encourage you today to let go of that harvesting pain in your heart, in your spirit, in your mind, and even in your soul. Whether or not you believe in God, I want you to know that everything that has happened in your life was for your better. 

God gives his hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. 

Here are 10 ways to let go of the pain and frustration with yourself or with your life: 

Accept that it happened you lived past your pain and it was a lesson well learned. 

Find a quote and apply it to your life. Place it somewhere you can see it every day: 
"Loving myself means letting go."

Engage in physical activity; go for a walk, jog, or run. Get out of the house and stop feeling sorry.

Write it down, let it go, burn it whatever it is write it down, mentally clear your thoughts, and grab you a lighter (go outside) set the paper on fire and let it burn. You can even throw it in your fireplace.

Imagine your life ten years from now. Grasped hold to your future and think about your life in the next twenty, thirty, or even forty years. You will realize that whatever you are stressing about now don't and won't matter in the future (unless you allow it to.)

Remember the good times and laugh about it. There is proven research that shows that laughter soothes tension, improves your immune system, and eases pain. You can even watch a funny movie to past the time. 

Get in the kitchen Studies have shown that cooking can soothe jangled nerves, heal broken hearts, and cure boredom. Cooking is therapy, and it can help relieve insomnia and anxiety. 

Replace your emotional thoughts with facts. If you are getting out of a nasty breakup or divorce, remind yourself that you are worth being loved. Remind yourself about your amazing qualities that someone will appreciate. 

Identify what the experience taught you to understand what you faced and help develop a sense of closure. 

Reward yourself for letting go stop being hard on yourself and treat yourself to a day at a spa, an evening with family or friends, a new pair of shoes

I hope that you use these tips to make it through! Remember to keep God 1st in your life and everything you do, and the results shall follow. 

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 Jazmine Sullivan, After the Hurricane

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