Our girl Beyonce sang it best on her, 'Lemonade' album on the track titled, 'Pray You Catch Me.

"I'm prayin' you catch me listening. Prayin' you catch whispering."  

You might not want to get caught committing the silent act right away though unless you're a true bold soul. Being bold by treating yourself to a tall ice-cold glass of lemonade may suite your emotional tastebuds. Until that first sip, here goes my advice.  

Why are you with any man that makes you feel that insecure anyway? If you truly love and value yourself, the way that you know you do, then why stress over him. Stressing yourself out trying to find the right moment to catch him slipping won't pay your bills. Walking away and can be difficult to do! You may have shared years of love and memories and now things are going left. You don't have to explain your pain to anyone. You don't have to beg him for the answers that you are yearning for.

Understand that you do deserve to know the truth! 

Don't lower your standards. 

You deserve respect. 

Girl, you don't have to become a stalker to find out what your spouse is up to. Spying on him can make you lose your sanity, and you damn sure deserve peace of mind. Obsessing about the thought of catching him slipping won't make your current situation better. You probably want a way out. 

I want for you to answer these questions. You can either write it down or answer them mentally. 

Will discovering some sort of proof will give you an excuse to leave? 
Will you have the strength to move past the cheating or abuse? 
Will your heart heal from the pain that the truth will bring?

If you want to talk personally email me at lindapatrick1993@gmail.com

Discover your inner strength one day at a time and embrace it. 
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  1. I'm going thru this right now. I am losing my sanity and my heart is broken - but I'm still trying to mend our relationship.
    After reading this, I wonder why and if it is even worth it.

    1. You are beautiful! Do not allow your current situation to hold you prisoner of your own emotions. You are worth being happy. Everything that you are going through is designing you to become a stronger woman. You have the inner strength to love yourself past the pain. Don't lose yourself or yourself value trying to mend together any broken pieces of your relationship that he isn't trying to help "you" place back together. Relationships require team work and team players. Email me at lindapatrick1993@gmail.com for any futher questions if you have any. You will make it through this.