The love that you and your boyfriend or fiance once had has ran it's course. You are ready to just move on and to just put the past behind you. The chapter that was still be written in the book of y'all relationship has now ended, however the relationship with his mother still seems to be clinging on. Ending things with him and his mother can have you at cross roads. Here are a few reasons why she still wants you around and in her life....

1. You Changed Her Son For The Better. 

Before you came into her son's life he wasn't the man that he use to be. You were probably the reason why her son started getting serious about being a better man, a better father figure, and a better son. You impacted her son life so much that she truly can't see you moving on without him.

2. She Found A True Friend In You.

Even though you both have probably gotten through a few rough patches while dating her son, she found a true friend in you. She found it easy to vent to you about her problems or her issues in her everyday life. You were a breath of fresh air, whenever she saw you. When she discovered a true friend in you she also started to admire things about you. She doesn't want to lose the friendship.

3. You Became The Daughter She Always Wanted. 

Whenever she would look at you she saw more than just her son's girlfriend or fiance. She saw a daughter. A daughter that was beautiful and truly loving. If her son didn't married you then she knew he was a fool.

4. She Is Plotting To Reel You Back Into Her Son's Life.

She is ready to bring on the mind games and the tears. She will throw get-togethers. She will find reasons to bring you around her son's presence. If she is computer savvy and love being on social media, then she is probably stalking your every post. Be careful when saying, yes to what she has going on. Remember she is probably wanting to see you and her son together, but not on your terms. If it is truly over then let her know.

5. She Is Going Through Denial And Holding You Back Emotionally.

His mother just doesn't want to accept that you and her son are no longer together. She thinks that you and him could possibly be going through a phase. If it has been months, since the breakup between her and her son and you are now ready to get back on the dating scene don't let her hold you back. She wants to play the victim, and take on your pain and frustration. Be smart with your time, sanity, and self-worth, She wasn't the woman dating her son, you were.

6. She Knew Her Son Was An Asshole, But She Just Wants To Say Connected To You.

Seeing and knowing that her son and you broken up was something that she probably already knew was going to happen. She knew her son was going to mess up and loose out on you. She probably warned you about his ways and you ignored them. You possibly toyed with the thought of giving him a second or fifteenth chance to change. His mother probably wants to see you with someone better than her son.

Let's get the conversation started below. Are you going through a situation with your ex's mom? If so or if you just want to vent let's talk below.

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