I'm not going to sugar coat shit with you. I honestly don't care who judges me from how I choose to grind. My name is Linda Hurd. I am 23 years old and have been married for two years and a half. I am an active YouTuber that does product reviews, gives advice, natural hair videos, and helps motivate people to do better. I go by my nickname Leeny Lynn too! I started this site shefoundstrength.com in the midst of my frustrations of truly chasing my dream. Starting a blog that would empower, inspire, and give girls and woman of all ages to find their inner strength though whatever they could possibly go through in their lives. I always knew that my passion laid within writing, telling stories, and creating legendary work. 

You see I didn't just woke up one day and said that I was going to be a writer. I actually discovered my gift when I was in the third grade in the year of 2003. Ever since 2003, I been a hard core writing just like Lil Kim was Hard Core all those many years ago about rapping. However, I thought that rapping was what I wanted to do. But, within a two year time span I realize that I rather be a ghost writer instead. The behind the bars with Leeny Lynn. Lol! But, knawl for real let me tell you why I chose to be a Black wife that works two jobs. 

I won't say that I am your typical young black wife that has a nice car, home, graduates degree and all of that other jazz you may see and hear about all the time. I am a struggling wife at 23 with no kids, just a one bed room apartment, and a guinea pig that's named, Bella. I shared my story on here about how I left my job working at a busy gas station to discover that 'definition of better' that I have been searching for. 

In the month of July I finally left the gas station that I worked at for a year and six months of my life. I moved on to working for a bank and now I am a part-time bank teller. Of course, there have been people all in my ear talking about, how I am going to make enough money to live off of. However, I have news for them and for all the folks that agree with them. I have two jobs! 

Why two jobs, Linda? I have decided to make my second job the two things that I am passion about and that is:

  • Writing and helping others any way that I can. 

I refuse to settle working a job that consumes my time and doesn't fulfill my passion. I love writing, this blog site, and my YouTube channel. I have fully decided to make my passion my second job and work for my dreams everyday like you would do a job. I have dreams of making my second job of chasing my dreams (a reality and my career.) 

I am not trying to be shady when I state that their are so many married women that work two jobs and don't even know it or are scared to admit it! 

Don't make your passion your second job, if you only put time into it for the money! Make your passion your second or even third job if you want to be an entrepreneur and you can be patient. Working a part-time and working towards your future career shouldn't be something that you hide. Embrace your passion and take it on fully. Wake up early before 6 am and get to it! My husband also understands how much effort I am placing into my second job to make a come up too. It takes a true commitment and you must have the mindset of a two-job working woman. 

You have to think like this:
"Well, if I don't work these two jobs then my family won't eat!"

"If I don't grind today then I am settling for less."

"My dreams mean more to me than working a job to get by." 

"Nothing is promise, and I can't expect for my husband to give me my dream." 

"I am worth so much more than what my job is currently paying me."

You can even write down these notes to self while you work towards your goals and keep these quotes near you everyday to look at. 

I will be keeping you all informed with my journey here on this site too! 

Discover your inner strength each day along the way with 


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