I understand you want to land a better job with better pay and benefits. Knowing that you are worth working a better job to get you on your feet is a start. Here are 5 of my very own tips that you can use towards finding a better job:

1. You have to make finding a better job a priority and not a task.

You have to take yourself serious and finding yourself a better job is no longer a task, but a daily priority to get accomplish. Once you make finding a better job a true goal to accomplish the motivation must be apparent. Don't just complain about the job you have now that you dislike or about not having a job. Make finding a job a daily priority.

2. Create an amazing cover letter & resume. 

It doesn't take the world's greatest writer to create an amazing cover letter and resume. There are guides all over the internet and templates that you can use to create both a bold and exciting cover letter and resume that can place you ahead of your competitors. Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, and even Google Docs are great to save your cover letter and resume too! 

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3. Create A Professional Email Address 

We all want to be taken seriously by the employer when it comes to landing a job. By creating a professional email address it can help you stand out and look professional. For example, don't apply to any job with your email address looking like:


Professional email examples: 


4. Go For What You Know 

If you only have a background in retail then go for jobs that deal with any and everything that you handled and learned while in the retail industry. For example, if you worked at Forever 21 for over a year and you are sick of it then applying to work as a manager at another retail store can be possible.

If you worked at Smoothie King as a manager and you see a job to be a bank teller, go for it! Don't doubt yourself and what you know you can do. Also make sure that the job is not too far from your home. You don't want to be placed in a situation that you land a job that you can not make it to every day, because of how far it is or transportation issues.

5.  Stack Your Money & Be Patient 

Of course, finding yourself a better job isn't going to happen in a matter of days. My best advice is to stack your money and be patient. It doesn't matter if your only putting aside a couple of dollars a week. As long as you are motivated to find and have better then the patience will tag along with it. Hang in there you will be interviewing in no time!

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