Hold your head UP high and never allow anyone to hold you back from accomplishing your dreams, goals, and even aspirations in life. On my journey to finding and keeping my inner strength, there have been people who have belittled me and everything that I set out to do. Growing up, I never had anyone that truly believed in my dreams or pushed me to want better. It takes self-disciple, resilience, and mental and spiritual preparation to always be strong and these or my reasons why. 

Not everyone has the same heart as you!

You are inspired to earn more and not by settling. I use to always allow what people had to say about me mess with my mental! It took me years to learn how to really brush that dirt off of my shoulders and do what the hell makes me happy! You have to do what fulfills you! You have to do whatever it takes to put and to keep a smile on your own damn face. If stacking your money for a car, a new home, and an amazing trip is going to fulfill you then do that! Do it with passion or none at all! 

You will never know what it took or what it takes to be fearless!

We all have the same 24 hours as so many other people that have and still are accomplishing their dreams. Imagine if you never took the time out to see and explore your own talents. Imagine if you just spent your life making someone else's dream to the next level and placed your dream on the back burner! Imagine if you never live to ever know what it will ever take to manifest your dreams! You can read here to gain more knowledge on how I am working a part-time job while attaining my dreams. The grind lives in those of us who want to achieve better, stop sitting back waiting for your chance to make moves. Be your own leader. 

Live to complete and to tell your life long story.

I don't know about everyone else, but for me, I am a sucker for a life-changing story. I love feeling intrigued by someone's motivational, heart racing, but a mind-blowing success story. Believe me when I say that you too can live to tell your life long story that will inspire other people from different walks of life. Guess what, you don't have to have a success story about how you made a million dollars in a year or launching a successful clothing line! Make your story unique and don't try to travel down the same paths that others took. Create your own journey from scratch! 

You are stepping out of your comfort zone! 

During the month of May, I actually was still taking baby steps to showcase and share this website with others. I wanted to share my website with other folks in person and not just via the internet. Read here to see how I stepped out of my comfort zone with launching my site. Just passing out my business cards took me out of my element. I was afraid of someone tearing up my business card or even throwing it in the trash. However, you can't stop people from not wanting to support you. Step out of your comfort zone and start chasing your dreams harder than ever before. 

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