Girl, look at that chocolate cake! It's about to go down! There I was staring at a homemade German Chocolate cake my mother-in-law made for Thanksgiving 2015. I have always been a desserts first kinda girl after praying and chit-chatting with the family. The only thing that was keeping me away from the chocolate cake that year was time. However, I didn't allow my eyes to fill my plate and to not have any stomach room for that cake! Last year, I learned that over eating during the holiday season isn't always a comfy feeling nor was it good for my health. Here are a few ways to NOT over eat this holiday season and still enjoy good cooking!

Don't Skip Out on Breakfast

Even if you are having a very small breakfast like toast, cereal, or even a quick run to McDonald's. Don't skip out on having breakfast. Having breakfast will keep you full, balanced, and less likely you will overeat once the plates are ready to stacked with food. 

Drink more water. 

I did this and still do this till this day. For every plate and even dessert that I can imagine myself indulging in I have a bottle of water. I drink half of my daily water intake on days like Thanksgiving or even Christmas, the morning before. For example, I am on a low sodium diet. I drink at least 4-5 water bottles. Every water bottle is at least 16.9 oz. and with at least four down I have consumed at least 67.6 oz. of water before even eating my meals and desserts! The more water you drink the less likely you will be hungry to want to eat and stack plates! 

Don't Stay at The Table

Get the hell up and walk or go into the living room. If everyone is eating in the living room and you feel more comfortable in there then in the dining room then that's so much better! Staying at the dining room, table will keep you from wanting to make another plate. Don't make it too obvious that you don't want to eat like everyone else. Still deeply involve yourself into conversation and keep your diet plan to yourself. (You don't need anyone encouraging you to eat. Neither do you need to look like you are insulating the cook or cooks.)

Small Portions Are The Best Portions
If you want to still be in the swing of eating like you have no diet in mind, then get small portions of everything that you love. By having small portions, you can pay attention to more of what you eat and how much you like it or love it. You will probably surprise yourself once you are full from those small portions on your plate. 

Keep a reminder on your phone.

When you are around family, friends, or even co-workers and you really want to keep your plan in action, keep a reminder on your phone. Your reminder could be a photo in one of your camera roll, a post that spoke to you, or even an online vision board that you created and kept private on Pinterest. You have to find a nitch that will work for you, no matter what it is (it could even be a song!)

I hope that my tips helped you or someone that you know! Share your tips below if you have any!
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