There is no need to feel like you have no plans made to spend quality time with your man! Of course, you don’t want to over plan the time that you have with him and you want to make it special. Here are a few ways to have a few things already planned for those holidays with your love! 

1. Have a night of pampering for the both of you. (Massages)

2. Create fun and easy chocolate dipped desserts!

3. Dance to a few holiday songs or even y'all favorites.

4. Find places around your area to sight-see. 

5. Purchase one or two Christmas theme lingerie sets.

6.  Create holiday drinks whether they have alcohol or not!
7. Take a lot of crazy or sexy photos that no one will see, but the both of you.

8. Reflect on the year together while just chilling.

9. Study a few bible scriptures together. 

10. Watch y'all favorite holiday movies together!


Happy holidays from me to you! 
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