Bring It On 2017; I Am Ready

in , , , , , by Linda B Hurd, December 26, 2016
When was the last time that you took your defeat, and turned it into something worth applause? I'm going to let you think about how many times throughout your years on this earth you have felt like you have been constantly preparing yourself for the next battle or even mentally trying to tell yourself that you will make it through what you were going through? This year will be coming to a wrap in the next few days. I can say that 2016 was whopping my ass! Let me tell you everything that could have went possibly wrong had happened and there were so many things that God blocked from coming in my direction. Overall, after a year of countless tears of joy and sadness I'm still in an imaginary boxing ring of life with Jesus as my instructor. I'm wearing a pair of bright pink boxing gloves in position for my next opponent. Let me ask you this now, "Will you let 2017 knock yo' ass out?"

Hopefully, you won't let 2017 lay you out with jab after jab. Here goes a list of the things that I am leaving in 2016 and I have learned from this life changing year:

Start every God given day off with prayer. 
Vent to God before you vent to anyone else. 
Use your Happy Planner daily. 
Stop making friendships with folks who rub you the wrong way. 
Stay consistent in every area in your life for growth. 
You are not what people call you; it is what you answer to (YouTube comments)
See & don't see. Hear & don't hear.
Place money into your saving account twice a month.
Build credit that your future self will thank you for. 
No matter what you start finish it and finish it gracefully.
Keep people out your business (make more moves in silent.)
Always revamp your resume and cover letter monthly.
Drink more water, exfoliate weekly, & use amazing body products for your skin. 
Keep your hair moisturized and treat your edges with tender loving care.
Don't ever allow your pride to get in the way of anything. 
Pray and read the Bible more with your husband. 
For fuller brows, every night massage them with cold pressed castor oil. 
Let people talk and smile! (There's nothing you should want to do about it.)
Remember that your current situation doesn't dictate your future. 
A job is just that a job (don't ever make that shit a career.)
Don't ever get comfortable where you at in life.
There's always somebody in life trying to take your spot. 
Being petty should never be a way of life. 
Make friends with people who inspire you to be a better version of the woman that you already are. 
Be humble for everything you have or God will humble you.
New levels, New Devils
Have great health insurance, dental, & vision insurance.
Keep your life insurance paid. (If you don't have it get you some.)
You can grind to get it too. It's just not your time yet.

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