I remember sharing with you all about my falling out with my little sister. I also talked about how rekindled friendships that I choose to reinvest in came out being a horrible idea. Even though the idea was horrible I somehow manage to find peace within myself to seriously let the spark that I choose to relight, die down within a few weeks. 

I thought that I could have a replacement for the void of not having that “friend” or “trusted family member” to vent to. During the months of March through July, I really had to take the time to mentally get use to not reaching for my phone to call or even text anyone for advice or even conversation. You see I had I to reprocess in my mind that I was no longer a friend to any of the folks that “I labeled myself to be.” I was just an asset. An asset that choose not to become a useless argument.

Once the spring and the summer seasons came into full effect so did many blessings. I am a very avid prayer and I prayed to God for clarity. My prayer for clarity was an intense prayer. A prayer that I believed that would unleash the barriers of sadness, anger, and stress that I was facing at the beginning of the year. 

It was so many things that I worried about and upset about that people just could not understand. I was even having useless arguments with my own husband, because I did not have the clarity in life that I have today (months later.)

I am a firm believer that God will send people into your direction and into your life for many reasons. He will also send signs and even remove people that are blocking your blessings or a lesson that he is trying to teach to you (only if you allow him to.) I took action and decided to stop reaching out to the people that I talked to about my problems and life first. I decided that if they wanted to talk to me than they would reach out like I did to them. After taking action and letting my decision have life, the phone calls never came, the text messages never fell through, or any social media interaction happen. Everything stop!

I thought to myself, “Wow, so it takes for me to initiate any communication with these people that I call my friends and family to have an open line of communication during the weeks?” 

Sadly, that was the case and still is. The lessons I had to relearn these past few months is that you do not and should have to tell anyone when it is alright to communicate with you. You do not have to feel indifferent about not weekly reaching out to anyone who truly knows YOU. I also learned that you do not have to explain to anyone why you are cutting them off swiftly and professionally with no drama intended. Save your breath when you discover how useless some arguments can be once you think about your approach to the entire situation. There are folks who do not deserve an explanation as to why you do what you do! 

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  1. Fights and arguments tend to drain you out regardless of whether you are in the right or wrong. And it is even more true when these fights happen with family members.