Dear Baby Eli, 

I am now 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant with you. You are now about 16 inches long and possibly almost 4 pounds. So far, I have been remaining prayed up and loving every moment we share together. Just last week we had our very first maternity photo shoot! You gave me a very special glow that truly shown on our photos. Let me tell you son, you were kicking up a storm whenever I was wearing a bright red ballroom gown type tutu. I kept poking you back to let you know that I know you love being in front of the camera as much as mama do. 

This past month, I have battled with having very low iron, serious swelling in my feet and ankles, headaches, and even a bad bacterial infection. At this very moment, I am happy to say that I no longer have a bacterial infection at all and my headaches have not been as bad as they were before. Also, my current doctor is also keeping a close eye out to make sure that my iron levels increase and the swelling doesn’t get too out of control. Just know that mama is not stressing about her health, because I feel so much better than before. You give me so much motivation to fight harder and to remain positive throughout my entire pregnancy. 

I have been thinking of books that that I am going to purchase and read to you before we say our prayers and head to bed. I always wanted my mama to read me and nighttime story before going to bed when I was growing up, but never had the opportunity to experience that. Instead, when I was old enough to read, I read nighttime stories to myself and my siblings before bed. 

When I was growing up with just a single mother who could not read or write I learned early on that I had no choice, but to become whoever Jesus had predesignated for me to be. Not having a father figure in my life pained me. You’re blessed to have not only me as your mother, but a loving father who will love, cherish and teach you about being and becoming a man. There are not many young black boys who can say that they have a father figure in their lives. I am eager for you to learn the importance of your father’s presence and position in your life too. 

Both your father and I are so thankful to have you and we are still awaiting your arrival in the few weeks to come! Hopefully, within these next 8 weeks will see you.

Love, Mama

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