As a mama now I'm heading into the 6th week of my baby's growth development. Nobody told me how demanding this stage of a baby's growth. My baby has been breastfeeding non-stop, has been fussy, and not wanting to sleep. 

This stage reminds me of the first two weeks of becoming a mama; just without the postpartum recovery pain. My husband and I have been staying up until the wee hours of the morning on baby duty. I'm breastfeeding and he is willing to change his dirty diapers to help out. 

During this stage of our baby's growth we have lost so much sleep that it's mind-blowing. Both my husband and I are the type of people who loved going to bed on a typical weeknight before 11 pm. 

Since becoming parents we have successfully traded our 8 hours of sleep in for what sometimes seems as non-stop baby action. But I love being a mama just as much as he loves being a daddy. 

My morning routine differs every day, and keeps me on my toes and alert. I have become numb to falling asleep even when I know my baby sometimes gives me the opportunity be asleep during the day. 

For the most part, I stay woke. I use the time to work on blog posts, video ideas, my up, and coming books cleaning, pumping milk, studying my bible, and even playing the Sims. 

I'm excited for what's to come in the few weeks with my baby's growth. He is officially over 10 pounds and already wearing 3-month-old baby clothes at one-month-old! My my my the time sure does flies. 

*My advice to any new mother who is reading this right now is to hold on tight to your well-being and don't forget to treat yourself to a nice shower or bath and a rub down in a not heavily scented oil or even body butter. 

Take care of your body and stay hydrated. Don't be so hard on yourself these days and take life easy. Even though you may feel like you have no time to get yourself together like you once use to value the time that you get to put your baby or babies to sleep and use it wisely. 

To all the mothers out there who have gone through this stage in your child or children's lives y'all are amazing and much of my respect goes out to you all! 

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