The Beauty Of It All...

in , , by Linda B Hurd, December 10, 2017
This weekend has truly been enlightening. On Saturday afternoon I attended my very first sip and paint. I spent a few hours that were well deserved out of my place and without my baby for the very first time in 6 weeks. I made sure my husband had a few bags of breastmilk ready for the baby before I headed out. I was a bit nervous being that it was my first time leaving my baby with my husband while I head out too.

I didn't cry, but I did plant plenty of kisses on them both before I left. Since having our first child together our marriage has been hella rocky. I jumped at the opportunity to not only get out of the apartment but to support an old coworker and friend with her sip and paint. 

Nobody can truly brace you for the arguments you and your spouse will have over y'all child. Lord, don't add in when outsiders try to get involved in your marriage and speak about your parenting skills! Thank God I'm not a drinker and that I am breastfeeding and don't have the urge to drink, cause I would have been underneath a table at the paint and sip with my paint brushes painting the floor. (Just joking.)

Yesterday, while I was painting my portrait I kept thinking about my talents and what I'm good at. I could say with a smile that painting is damn sure not for me, but I enjoyed the thrill of completing my portrait for the final result. I thought about how this year I am about to be celebrating my first Christmas as a mother and a wife of 4 years.

I wanted to reflect back on my thoughts the weeks before. I also kept thinking about what my next move was going to be? Becoming a mother has changed my outlook on life drastically. I no longer dream to live a better life for myself and husband, but for our family.  No matter how much my husband and I have our disagreements we still love each other dearly.

As we all go into 2018 in the following 2 weeks I want to make the most of it. I have successfully removed so many toxic people and thoughts out of my life and mind this year. I lost ties with people who were once considered my closes family members. 

I was riding for people who wouldn't even walk for me. Supporting the passions and dreams of people who never took interest in my vision. 

I started the year very selfless and slowing had to regain my composure. 

There's nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to your vision and dreams in life. This year I took my own advice and went into seriously blogging on this site. A few people told me that I need a logo before launching. They said I needed a better approach to my brand. I was told that my life isn't interesting enough to blog about. 

They all lied and I'm still blogging a year later with over hundreds of readers per blog post. I'm destined to grow my blog to reach more of my potential readers and to touch someone through my blog posts if I can. 

The beauty of it all was and is in plain sight. For me, it took realizing my potential and blessings that God already had placed before me to be able to equip me to the next level in life. I'm enjoying these last weeks of 2017 no matter what.

Blogmas day 9 &10  

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