Just three days ago, YouTube announced their new monetization policy. If you would like to read up on that policy click here. Okay, YouTube basically was open in the pass to allow any and everyone to become a YouTube Partner and join the YouTube Partner Program once they had the satisfied requirements. During this time the requirement was just 10,000-lifetime views for any channel. 

After a well-known loose screw in the YouTube community went loco for views, then YouTube switched the script. They now only allow for you to have 4,000 hours in at least the past 12 months, and over 1,000 subscribers. By having these requirements, it makes for your monthly payout (threshold) to be much higher than it could have been with the past requirements. 

Now allow for me to tell you what this has to do with me. I am a YouTuber. I have been on YouTube since 2009 and successfully launched my channel in 2014. I really can not stress the fact that I never joined or did create my YouTube channel for coins.

If you know me or watched any of my videos when I was first starting out, I did YouTube for brand exposure. I was always committed to branding and putting my nickname out there for the world.

YouTube was a way for me to post my rap and poetry videos to gain feedback. It did not take me long to realize and understand that the music industry was not the place for me. 

Creating YouTube videos was fun and it (was not about the money, like it is today for many content creators.) As of now, I am still a small YouTuber. 

I have grown my platform from the mud. Over twenty thousand subscribers and I never reached out to any content creator whose larger than me for support with growing my channel. 

That's no shade or tea.  

While folks were steady laughing about how I was making a name for myself I was building my platform on YouTube. 
(That Part.)

I took and take criticism that possibly would and could have deterred a lot of women from creating content years ago. 

Throughout it all I am still driven. I always had a high tolerance for insults, bullsh*t, and you name it. I grew up getting called every nasty name in the book by my peers and even family members. I have a thick skin and not as sensitive to criticism as many people would think. 

Just these past days I have seen so many videos of people crying over the change in monetization requirements. Complaining and whining about how YouTube wrong this way and that way. I was just shaking my head.

If you want to see a change in your situation, shut the hell up and do something about it. Displaying what you know or your talents on YouTube is not going to guarantee you success or coins.  

I run this blog and I do not get nor ask anyone for a dime. I do it because I am passionate about my messages that I want to put out to the world. I do it because I am aware that writing is truly one of my God-given talents. 

The money does not excite me. My ambition is what excites me every time I create a blog post. If you do anything for the money the true beauty of growth will never be experience.

I don't take and will not ever take my growth for granted. In fact I am still growing daily. The number of readers that I have per blog post keeps me humble. 

My gain from creating this personal blog site is the love and support.

Today I want you to dig deep into your thoughts. Identify your passions, strengths, and weakness. What do you grind for? What brings you peace?

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