Yesterday, I spoke the truth about my immediate family matters. If you missed that blog post click here to read. I did not think that I was going to receive such a positive response and gain so many more readers just from that blog post yesterday.

I did expect for the word to get back to my folks about the truth that I spoke about them yesterday on that blog post too. I'm glad that it did! In fact, my Auntie Beulah went to my mama and told her that I need to take my blog post down.

Of course, my lil’ brother Louis told me how aggressive their approach was towards him because of me simply speaking the truth. I could not believe how furious they are towards me for being real and Louis for even telling me what’s been going on! But we are supposed to be family, right?

I remember how I consoled in my auntie years ago about how I wanted to go to college and major in mass communications. She did not have the slightest clue what mass communications were. When I made a reference to possibly being a radio personality she quickly chewed me out.

She told me that nobody wants to hear sh*t I have to say.  Harsh, I know. It is the truth and I would not fabricate that. She told me that I wasn't going to make any money for what I wanted to go to school for during the time too. (When I was going to be truly doing something that was possibly going to make me happy overall.)

She was a dream killer. The same women who hardly ever wanted to bring me or my lil’ sister to school in the mornings whenever it was pouring down raining. She never cared about our education. She never cared enough to motivate me or my siblings to chase our dreams and get the hell up out of Napoleonville, Louisiana.

I’m proud to say that now I am faithfully chasing my dreams. There’s also no hate in my heart for my auntie at all. I’m happy that she was the way she was towards me. For her negativity fueled my motivation to be a better woman than her.

In fact, I have created this very blog site where I will always freely express my life, thoughts, and rawest emotions for the world to read. This is my outlet for self-expression that her or anyone else against me cannot take from me.

If I didn't speak the truth in my previous blog post, then why are they all mad with me? Can someone answer that question for me? Better yet, why don't they all answer it? All I know is that my brother Louis and I know the truth, regardless.

I also have a love for my auntie, sister, and mother in the purest form. I love them from a distance. They can say what they want about me. I will continue to call them out for their wrongful ways if it has something to do with me or our dysfunctional immediate family. I guess they are now ashamed.

After all the years of getting over on people and not doing the right things with Uncle Leonard's and Uncle Louis’s Social Security checks the in guilt eats at them. They are all comfortable living off the next person’s and get mad when someone like me speaks on it. I however on my end is not losing any sleep.

God placed it on my heart to go through with the process of dropping my previous blog post. I also went to him in prayer before dropping this one as well. You probably all know the saying a hit dog gonna’ holla? Well, all of them are making noise, and I’m too busy to hear them trying to shush me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I find clarity in the truth and it’s sad that they never will.

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  1. That's good for you! There is freedom in our Truth!

    1. Thank you! I believe that I'm helping someone through speaking my truth. It's such an amazing feeling too.