I used to waste unnecessary energy trying to explain my motives to people and even for them to see things my way whenever an argument may have arisen. During these times in my life I always felt like I had to speak up and when I did little did I knew I spoke to those who took what I said with a grain of salt. 
Chile, let me tell you I would have so much built up aggression as I voiced my truth to those people! I would be blazing mad and still after arguing back and forth with them to get a point across.

I would drink a cold bottle of water to calm my nerves or reach for a glass of wine. But oh, how the times have changed. You see I realized that my inner peace is expensive. Every time that I spent addressing negative people and blending myself with the negative energy I realized that nothing good stemmed from it.

My spirit had mixed feelings, and my inner peace had been disrupted. I really had to take a step back in the spirit to see how my flesh was acting out. It even reads in

Romans 8:8
So, then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

I was revengeful by the flesh and quick to mouth off at people before truly understanding that God was not pleased with my actions nor my behavior. I cannot tell you how many blessings that I have possibly hindered from my past ways. 

I came to the terms that I had to do better, speak better and move better with my life. After all, I wanted to make the change for me and no one else. There was no one who mentored me for the past 5 years. I took the time to seek Christ and gain my peace of mind.

The road to inner peace is still a bumpy ride. There are nights my dreams turn into nightmares. Days that I'm thinking about my next move towards my brand and writing career and feel hopeless. The journey to inner peace may cost relationships with family members and friends to end. 

The journey to inner peace may cause you to let go of your old ways and materialistic ways of thinking or possessions, but you must believe within your heart that the journey is worth it. You also have to have the faith to see it through.

I will not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of my inner peace. 

I have two questions for you right now. How much does your inner peace mean to you? Do you take your inner peace for granted?

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