When I became a mother almost six months ago, my life had remarkably changed for the better. I was a stay at home mama for the very first time in my life and I was exclusively breastfeeding. My days were demanding to be a new mother and there were so many nights of nursing, diaper changing, and postpartum night sweats. Between having help from my husband and pushing through sleep-deprived nights, things started getting easier with time and patience of course.

I had to stop overthinking motherhood the way I once did my life. Plus, I had to allow my body the necessary time to heal. There were days that I just looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to start instantly analyzing my body. My beautiful body that grew and nourished a human being in for 40 weeks! Feeling beautiful and looking beautiful starts within before accepting what’s visual.

My image of snapping back slowly disappeared from my mind after the first six weeks of my postpartum. I was battling with episodes of postpartum depression on and off until my son was about four months. I was a loner in real life and was just feeling like I was not living my life the way that I envision. Chile, money was tight for both my husband and me. The times were tough, but we were still holding on to God’s unchanging hand to make a way. And God did.

The change that God gave to me happened first spiritually, then mentally and physically. I started truly understanding that God has a special assignment on my life and I just can't settle for the usual. I knew my purpose in this life and embraced it. I always yearned before even becoming a mother that I want my children to have a much better life than I did growing up. For me to fulfill that yearning I had to tune out the negative thoughts and start grinding harder than before.

Being a mother has given me so much empowerment to keep pushing. As a mother, I’m mastering the art of multitasking and that mama hustle that's embedded in a lot of women's DNA. Every day is truly worth living and being a mother doesn't stop just because of I may be tired. Or I have a stomach or a toothache. You learn to keep going even when it hurts to smile. You learn to be the very best image of a mother that you deserve to be for your child or children. Most of all, you learn to love and cherish every moment of being a mother because you never know when it will be your last.

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