I have been becoming more comfortable with being accepting. Being accepting of my shortcomings, imperfections circumstances, and past.

For me, being accepting of myself has been getting easier. I am own the biggest critic at times and can admit that I overthink the simplistic of things. There are days that I cannot seem to get out of my own head.

I rather blog and write about my life any day before filming it. I tried filming my everyday life and was instantly turn off by the film captured. Before showing my life visually I rather take you on a mind movie.

Just last year, I was very close off on many of my social media outlets. I chose to hide behind quotes and sayings more than anything on Instagram. My Instagram was a mere reflection of a girl who doesn't really like to show herself but loves to repost random quotes.

I also found the energy each week to post my growing baby bump too! It was while I was pregnant that I rediscovered living in the moment. There's nothing wrong with stopping to take a photo or two; just don't forget to put the phone or camera down to live within the experience.

I didn't want to miss a week of seeing how my body was transforming while I was a pregnant mama. I wanted to get active instead of lying in bed on my free time. I rediscovered my love for my brand that I was building and my life stories that I was sharing here on my blog. Now that we are almost approaching the summertime, I'm accepting the purpose that God has for my life.

I'm getting comfortable with sharing more photos of my life and writing more about the photos. They say that a picture is worth a thousand of words.

I believe that things that the naked eye can see aren't always visible to the heart nor the soul. Sometimes you can't even find the words to explain what's happening in a photo, because you are possibly reliving the moment that was capture. The emotions fuel you and the air at that moment because it's almost like you're reliving that moment.

So here I am accepting of the woman that I AM, and I'm more accepting of the woman that I'm inspiring to be. With every photograph along the way that I take, reminds me that my struggle is beautiful no matter how traumatic it may feel or look to others. I am a woman that's not afraid to be strong. Are you living your best life?

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