If you did not get an opportunity to read my previous blog post just click here. This past weekend was Essence Fest and I had the opportunity to work as a YouTube brand ambassador for two events. I worked for both events on Saturday.

My husband had the weekend off from on-call jobs, so he was able to watch our baby. My first event had taken place at the convention center and I was front and center at the brand’s booth with the team. 

The line to get free samples with a branded tote bag was extensive. There were all shades of black skin and diverse backgrounds and accents. Being the people person that I am I was excited to introduce myself to the crowd.
I was intrigued finding out about many women’s hair and where folks traveled from. I had the opportunity to take photos with my subscribers and spark up new connects. Even when I helped host my second event which was a workshop at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo I learned a lot.

I learned that I still have more growing to do and more lives to impact. There's more to me than my YouTube content. This experience gave me the motivation to keep striving toward becoming an author. This experience gave me the motivation to keep going strong with my vision, goals, and dreams.

I was more than just a pretty face with gorgeous hair. I was a voice. I felt like I was really getting the public speaking experience that I longed for. My insecurities did not hold me back from being confident. 

I kept thinking about the days I wrote down in my vision journal my dream of working with a brand in my city. There I was living my vision and there was no one there to tell me that I didn’t deserve it. I was surrounded by strangers, supporters, and good vibes.
After years of coping with my childhood experiences and the mental abuse I received growing up, I am thankful for the hurt. The childhood hurt I experience has made me the woman that I am today. 

I have learned to embrace my blessings with a cheerful spirit. I’m no longer doubting what God has for me. I realized years ago that many of the people that know me or grew up around me won’t support what I do. Everyone won’t and will not appreciate your growth. You will grow to learn and accept your own growth. 

Growth and comfort do not coexist. Ginni Rometty

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