The ride back to my hometown to visit my mother took me on a whirlwind of emotions. I was excited, anxious, and emotional. It’s been 9 months since I have been in my mother’s presence. She hasn’t had the opportunity to see her first grandbaby either until today. As my husband drove and the closer we have gotten to Napoleonville I felt like I was making the right decision. It has been months of wanting to see my mother interact with her grandbaby. 

It has been days of feeling like my mother deserves to be with Eli. She was so happy to see us today that I could have cried right along with her. My mother was fill with so much joy that has been missing from her life for years. My Uncle Louis was happy to see us too. It was good seeing him and allowing him to hold his great nephew. My mama was so impressed with her grandson’s peaceful spirit. He did not cry at all while he was with her. In fact, he was just smiling because I knew he felt comfortable with her presence.

My lil’ sister Patricia also had made it home from church just in time to see me and Eli too. She was hesitant about coming out to show her face. My mama had told her to come out of her room and see Eli. I haven’t spoken, or have I seen her since April 2017, when I told her that I was having a boy the same day I had gotten my ultrasound.

One year later, she is still bitter and distant with little to nothing to say to me. All she really wanted to say was that she has three cars, and a new job that will have her stationed to work in my area. There was no apology. No reason for why she cut me off. I just felt the guilt in her glare while seeing our mother hold Eli.

I wanted to ask her why she doesn’t offer to bring my mother to visit us? However, I just wanted to stand my ground and be cool for the sake of our mother. The last thing I could have wanted was our mother trying to defuse an unsettling argument right along with my husband who was just silently watching. My mama was even happy we didn’t get disrespectful towards one another too. We exchanged numbers and Instagram handles, took photos, and parted ways. No beef. Just some type of mutual understanding that there’s no longer any bad blood. 

I felt in my spirit that prayers led me to my mother today. I cried on the car ride there to Chance the Rapper, “Blessings Remix” that was playing on the Bluetooth radio from my husband’s iTunes playlist. I was in the backseat with our son trying not to appear to be the crybaby that I always have been. I ducked my head behind the passenger seat to dry my eyes with one of my baby’s socks from my purse.

It was one of those moments that I felt God’s presence calm me. For some reason, the chorus had me in tears. I was ready for my blessing and feeling prepared for whatever miracle God was going to work in my life. Seeing my mother today was a blessing and a miracle for sure. I’m anticipating going back before Eli makes 1 years old in October to see her again too.

My mother’s love shielded in prayer has created me into a prayer warrior. The battles that I face in life I do not fight alone. The times I have been foolish enough to believe that I have so many things under control, God steps in and proves me wrong. I am thankful for the opportunity to be with my mother today. I am thankful she still loves me the same no matter the distance.

Prayer can touch someone and place them in the position to bless you whether it is physically, mentally, financially, or spiritually. Blessings and miracles do not discriminate.

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  1. While why a beautiful experience.. God is good and his mercies indureth forever.. Linda I'm glad u was able to put a smile on your mother and sister face.. God bless you

    1. Thank you so much! I love you so much! God bless you as well!