Stop Complaining & Do The Work

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, August 01, 2018
There’s a quote that goes, “Stop complaining about how your life isn’t what you want and start making your life the way you want it to be.” 

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This quote spoke deep into my heart. I use to be complaining about my personal life, job, and the short-term goals that I was not accomplishing. My problem just last year was my mindset. I was constantly comparing my life to the next woman via social media. Whenever I would go to work I would have mental pity parties for myself because I was just working a 9 to 5 and barely getting by.

There I was working as a bank teller last year with hardly any money to my name, little faith, and a mouth filled with excuses. I was silently watching women and married couples that I admired grow. I found fault with myself every day. My job was causing me so much anxiety as a bank teller. I cried to my husband a few days out the week about how much of a poor excuse of a worker I was. Then on top of all of that, I was pregnant and under depression. My next paycheck wasn’t promised and my job dangled over my head every workday.

I had dreams and goals that were written on paper and no effort was ever applied to them. I just did enough to get by. I showed up to work six days out the week just to get paid twice in one month to get by. If I wasn’t complaining I was comparing. If I wasn’t comparing I was complaining. I did not feel relieved of my stress until I placed on my maternity leave and gave my job my walking papers.

I finally experienced growth by being able to walk away from my part-time job a month before having my first child. I was afraid of not holding down a job. I was afraid to allow my husband to finally pay all the bills alone. I was accustomed to us doing everything 50 50. I had to let him do the damn thing alone! 

After having our son I was feeling like I had more to do. I felt like I had more purpose place in my life than ever before. After placing my past jobs behind me, I knew I had to start hustling for a better future. Not having that college degree that I use to complain about was no longer holding me back mentally. I felt empowered. I gave my worries to Christ instead of voicing them to death ears and my husband. I started praying even more. My husband even started joining me in prayer sessions. We now pray together over our marriage, baby, and finances.

We had to start encouraging one another to walk in the light that shines from within us. We had to encourage one another to keep the faith. Readjusting our focus on our goals and dreams had kept us from falling victim to self-comparison. I no longer wonder why I don’t have what the next person has. When you understand what God or the universe has for you is always and only for you that’s when you start to live in the midst of your storms in life.

Complaining about where you are in life no matter if it is a job, relationship, marriage, or even financially will never fix anything. Mattie James and who is a very successful professional black style blogger who would keep it simple with you and say to you Stop Complaining and do the work.

While someone is b*#ching about the life they aren’t living they could be taking steps towards creating goals to get them where they would love to be. Complaining won’t pay your bills or place you in a position to live YOUR best life. Make a change in your actions and take the accountability to boss up!

For the entire month of August, I would love to challenge someone to every day write down everything that they are grateful for.

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