Being a mother is rewarding. I have learned so much from my 10-month son Eli. Motherhood has given me more motivation, inspiration, and patience to thrive. I wanted to share with you 10 things that I have learned from my 10-month-old son.

1. Growth captures what the eyes cannot.

Every day that I am blessed to share with my son I see his growth. His growth that cannot be captured by the eye or with a photo. His growth is deeper than what the eye can see. His happiness can be felt deep within my spirit. His approach to learning new things keeps me eager and excited.

2. Keep going even after falling.

Eli was walking at 7 and a half months. He surprised his father and me immediately with his first steps. His father and I have watched Eli fall and get right back up walking or even running to get to where he is on a mission to go. Even at 10 months, he encourages me to keep going no matter how many times I have fallen.

3. Running on E can leave you cranky.

Before I became a mother, I despised taking naps with a passion. There was something about falling to sleep during the day that made me feel like I was not being productive. I also use to feel like if I nap during the day then I would be missing out on something. I was an asshole to myself back then. Eli taught me that a nap a day can take the crankiness away. I no longer feel bad for getting a little shut-eye with my little guy.

4. Your taste buds mature quick.

Eli loves having a taste of red beans and rice every time I cook it. He loves it with a lil' bit of cornbread cake too. Just like me. He’s not too excited about puréed baby food the way he once was. He’s ready to dig into anything I eat and wants a taste of anything I drink. Allow me to also tell you he only has two teeth but is determined to eat like he’s grown. The time passes by just as fast as your last meal.

5. Get in where you fit in.

 This one is funny to me. Eli always finds his own way into the tightest places. He loves to climb underneath our dining room table as if it was on a playground. He sometimes ends up getting stuck trying to fit places he doesn’t belong. Eli has taught me that it is best to get in where you fit in even if someone may think that's not where you belong.

6. It doesn't take much to smile.

I always knew this, but I never understood the value of this quote. I do not have a lot of high tech or luxury baby items for my son. Sometimes my baby rather watches Little Baby Bump in his Pack n Play while he snacks on Puffs. Just seeing him content puts a smile on my face. Just playing peek a boo with him or teaching him about the world around him makes him smile. It does not take much to smile unless you allow it to.

7. Saying stop sometimes is not enough.

Chile, Eli can pull, tug, and even grab things that he should not be touching at all. I cannot tell you how many times throughout a week I am saying, “Stop Eli.” Has sometimes smiling or even laughing because he is so into what he’s doing at that point in time. I learned quickly as soon as he started walking that I must pick him up and tell him why I am doing it. Saying stop sometimes doesn't get the message across.

8. Roll with the flow.

When Eli turned 6 months his daddy bought him a push walker toy by Fisher Price. We both took turns walking and pushing the toy around with Eli. By 7 months he was rolling over our feet with his toy and going on about his baby business. Eli did pay no mind to what was in his way. He just knew that he was going to roll big any means necessary. Rolling with the flow is essential to moving forward in life; no matter what's in your way.

9. I rather stand than sit.

Eli does not like to sit down all the time and enjoy anything. He loves to stand up and see things. I can say that he has very independent traits being that his zodiac sign is a Scorpio. He has taught me that there's nothing wrong with taking a stand and being heard other than sitting down waiting to be seen.

10. Cry it out it will be okay.

Lyfe Jennings said that crying is like taking your soul through a laundromat. Eli can cry for a minute or two until he’s red in the face. After he is finished crying he finds a reason to smile. He has taught me that your tears can ease you into happiness. 

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