Every woman, no matter young or old, is not cut from the same cloth. We all have different hustles, motivations, and goals. Some of us are raising a family while trying to provide a better living situation and future. I know how tiresome it could be busting’ your ass to make a living. I understand your struggle! 

I used to bust my ass all week long at one of my past part-time jobs for a check that went straight to my bills. Stretching and surviving was my life. I felt like the only hope I had besides God was going to college. I used to dread seeing a check that I bust my ass so hard for during the week being so little once the taxes hit it. All I knew was that I had to hustle harder. I was the first person from my immediate family to graduate from high school and head off the college.

I broke a generational curse, and no one in my family seems proud of me. My younger sister and brother were happy for me, but I felt like my auntie despised me even more, and my mom was just stunned. When you come from a family with hardly a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, your hustle and mind frame is different from others. 

My determination to get it was through the roof.  When I moved from my small hometown of Napoleonville, Louisiana, to the West Bank of New Orleans, I admired many women’s hustles. Whether a woman was working fast food, a custodian, a hairstylist, or even a restaurant server, there was no judgment cast.

I came from a single-parent home. My mama worked in the sugar cane fields since she did not know how to read or write. She was never ashamed of getting dirty to make a dollar. In New Orleans, I witness the many women who were not ashamed of how she was making a living. When I started working my part-time job as a gas station associate while in college, my only motivation was to provide. It did not matter to me what people thought about me. I was making an honest living. I was trying to help my husband sustain our apartment and bills.

I never lived above my means. People always told me, well, you have so much talent. Why are you wasting it all on a 9 to 5? I would just smile and shrug it off. I know that my hustle goes beyond what the eye can see, and yours does too. I want to encourage someone today to keep going! Keep providing for the life that you desire to attain. Keep chasing your dreams, and do not place them on the back burner. 

There will be days that you will want to throw the towel in! There will be days that you will want to question all the hard work you are putting into your job. You will have moments when you will go into the bathroom at your job and cry and give yourself a pep-talk to keep going. There will be nights you will get into the shower release all your tears you have bottled up.

You will feel like no one will relate to your struggle. You will feel like you are in it alone. I understand how it feels to have more bills than money, especially when you bust your ass on a job to make ends meet. Your hustle doesn’t go unnoticed. The late and long nights you spend trying to work, study, or even getting your family clothes prepared for the next day will not go in vain. You are stronger than you think. 

Do not sacrifice your happiness for a paycheck. Even on your darkest days, there is hope. Have faith in yourself and your hustle. It won’t always be like it is right now. Things will turn around and get better. Your future self will thank you for the moves that you are making today.

And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P

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