A generational curse is a defilement that was passed down from one generation to another. They often have ties to genetic imperfections passed down from your parents. They are many life-changing effects that generational curses can have on one’s life.

Some examples are depression and other mental anguish such as anger or rage; addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, or pornography; being accident-prone; financial problems; relationship problems (divorce, family fallouts, etc.); losing things or having things taken from you frequently; having things around you frequently break: barrenness or infertility.

Many people could face trouble in completing their education or going to college. These are just some of the examples of curses. Not all of these are necessarily generational/ancestral, but generational curses seem to be the most common.

I wanted to share that I believe that I am spiritually battling the curse of setback and delay. I have broken several generational curses that were plagued, my immediate family. I was the first person from my immediate family to learn how to fluently read and write. That was the first generational curse I broke. I then went on to being the first in my family to achieve perfect school attendance and earn my high school diploma.

Being the first to graduate high school was special to me. There was no one that I was able to share my happiness. There was even a point in my sophomore year that I was ready to drop out. I couldn’t talk to my own family about my frustrations because they couldn’t relate to my struggle. Today, I’m proud that I made it through and found someone at my high school to confide in. Without having the encouragement that I had back then, I would not be where I am now.

This past weekend I have been researching more about generational curses. I have been plagued with nightmares since the age of 10. Every night I sleep with my bible either underneath my pillow or open to scripture on my dresser. I often dream that I am trapped in my hometown, a true hell hole (ghost town.) I am always being chased by someone or something evil.

Some nights I have dreams of being back in my old schools as a student. Then I have dreams where everyone around me is under some type of demonic possession, and I’m an exorcist. I wake up sweating and sometimes in tears. I fight for my life in my nightmares when I should just have a peaceful night's sleep.

I believe that God is communicating with me through my dreams. I want to beat this plague upon my life. I’m at a point in my life that I feel like I’m up against something evil. You may think I’m crazy. I’m just telling you what I have been telling my husband for years.

I was the first person from my immediate family to leave our small hometown. It’s been over six years, and almost every night, my dreams take me right back to Napoleonville.

It’s like I have soul ties with the town and house that’s (torn) down that I grew up in.

If you have broken a generational curse, I want to congratulate you. You’re a strong individual with a calling upon your life.

 Your determination and motivation to chase your dreams while breaking generational chains are amazing.

I’m clapping for you! I’m cheering for you. For I know far too well myself how it feels to accomplish something so great to you! Some people don’t have a clue how much you fought to achieve it!

You might not understand the value you have added to your life and future generations to come. You may not understand your own strength sometimes. Let me remind you that you are a conqueror and don’t ever stop believing in God and yourself. The road to greatness will be a rocky one. After all, no one said that it would be an easy journey.

I pray daily that Jesus continues to be a fence around my mind, soul, and spirit. I still have more generational curses to break. Generational curses that I will break. What about you? Have you broken any generational curses?

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