Can I have an honest talk with you right now? I understand that you’re willing to dream. I understand that you are excited about gaining success. However, are you investing in hustle and dreams?

Are you finding time to doubt your God-given talents? Have you tapped into your creativity lately? Have you taken any steps this week towards your dreams? 

You do not have to struggle with accepting the way your mindset is currently. If you struggle with believing in yourself then you can not hustle towards your dreams fully. The feeling of not doing enough can hold us hostage to lies we tell ourselves. The feeling of self-doubt should not have strength over your come up, my friend. 

As you read this what’s going through your mind? 

I have been in your shoes plenty of times throughout the years. Self-doubt damn bear took me from my sanity. Self-doubt tried to have victory over my happiness. You know what I had to speak over myself and my circumstances.

I realized that I cannot hustle for the kingdom without God’s consent. 

Keep in mind the people and the reasons why you want to accomplish your dreams daily.  There must be a motive behind your hustle that keeps you going. Take time today and define your hustle. Many of us have and or still hustling backward. 

Hustling backward for many people could be working extensively hard on their 9 to 5 job. While working hard on a 9 to 5 their making enough money to get by, but they still are not making any progress within their personal life. 

There are many ways to hustle backward that won’t inspire you. I want to encourage you today to become consistent within your prayer life and your faith. Mustard seed faith will coincide with your hustle. Don’t give up on your dreams even when you’re unsure of where your hustle will take you. 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would love to talk to you.

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