What sets you apart from that individual you were last year during this time? What characteristics do you now embody? I asked myself these same two questions this morning.

I applied my answers to my current approach to accomplishing my dreams. There’s no room for your dressed up lies in other words excuses. You need a plan. A great plan. A strategy that will help you carve out time to accomplish your goals. 

Can you envision yourself getting closer to your dreams this year? If it means waking up a few hours early before work, then do it. If it means coming home from a long day of work to work on your dreams, then do it. Carve out the time. 

I can relate to you if you been feeling a little overwhelmed with life. I have been feeling like I have so much on my plate. There have been days that I have been so frustrated with myself. I had to think of my approach to my goals over. 

You must hold yourself accountable for your what you bring forth to the table. Understand that every self-help book that you may read is not going to equip you to move forward. Every podcast will not spark your creativity or hustle. 

Some of us need spiritual strength others need a mental push. Our needs to getting where we desire to be are different. We all know you can’t hustle while standing still. Take the time today to understand your value. Accept what you are worth and value your dreams. 

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