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in , , by Linda B Hurd, February 04, 2019
How have you been holding up? This past weekend was a crazy one for the books. I was catfished. Someone made a fake Instagram profile of me. This person which was another woman behaving in a juvenile matter to even take a good bit of my photos.

 I didn’t know what was popping off on Instagram with the catfish until I opened the app on Saturday morning. My DMs were filled with many of my followers saying, “Lynn is this you?”

Added to their message was a screenshot of the catfish page requesting to follow them. I was hurt to the point that I dropped my phone. I cried. I was so upset. I never thought that someone would catfish me on social media. The catfisher even messaged a few of my followers. They blocked me from having access to see the fake profile and my husband.

The enemy was plotting on stealing my name, credibility, and peace of mind. To the catfisher, it was all fun and games. To me it was disrespectful. You see I understand if whoever the chick was who was catfishing me someone who admired me. I took it as her being envious, obsessed, and someone who is immature. I put in the work to see the results that I desire. I don’t brag about my blessings.

You never know who is intimidated by who you are as a person. You never know who thinks that they could be a better you if they were you. I am flattered that my catfish wants to be me. I forgive her for what she did to me on Instagram. But I cannot forgive her for not loving herself enough. I pray that she finds the love for herself that isn’t there.

Here’s the letter that I wrote for her

To: My Catfish

I’m happy that you are reading this open letter. Of course, you knew that catfishing me was not going to bring you any true happiness. I hope you can search deep within yourself to find peace. I don’t want to know why you chose to catfish me. I’m just happy that it did not last long. I know that you admire me in many ways. In fact, you admire many areas of my life enough to steal quite a few of my photos.

Do you wish you were in my shoes? What’s so upsetting in your life that you had to try to pretend you were me? I prayed to God that you find the love for not only yourself but for your life. You shouldn’t be discouraged, jealous, or mad because another black woman is chasing her dreams! You could have reached out to me and talked to me. I guess your pride is too strong to have ever done it.

Put in the work to get yourself together. I pray that you find value within your worth. I pray that you let go of the envy that hinders you from getting to the next level in life. Thank you for helping me to gain clarity after you catfished me. I want you to know that you too are beautiful. You just don’t realize it. I will continue to inspire and motivate others. You gave me more motivation to keep praying for my enemies.

Linda B Hurd

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  1. Regis (NatalyaNaturally)February 4, 2019 at 8:57 AM

    This letter is real af ... kudos to you for handeling this the way you did.

  2. I love this sis! This post (and the letter) is amazing. I’m glad you were able to turn this situation around and start praying for her, because I know that was hard! Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!

    1. I love you too sis! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Yes, I'm glad that I have such a forgiving heart and that I'm praying for her. I hope it doesn't happen again either.

  3. Heyy Linda,
    I'm glad you was able to find the bright side of this incident. People have to work hard to succeed in life. It's all about hard work and dedication!!! Keep up the great work l!!! Have a great week!!!

    1. Thank you so much! You're so right too! I appreciate you boo! Have an amazing week as well. Thanks for stopping on by.

  4. This is Awesome! This is why I follow you. Very respectful. I love your personality. It is ok to be upset about the catfish's actions but, to attempt to help them find their OWN happiness is ROYAL. YOU ARE AWESOME. God bless you and everything you touch:)

    1. Thank you oh so much! I appreciate you for supporting me and stopping by. God bless you too!