Have you ever placed aside accomplishing a goal or chasing a dream because you felt as if you did not have something to get started? Sometimes we can feel discouraged. 

We may feel like we do not have the best of things at hand to get started. If you allow those negative thoughts to hold you back from getting started then you won’t value the beauty of your growth.

Start that podcast with what you have. Start that blog with what you have. Start that business with what you have.  Start that weight loss journey with what you have. You do have to go full force into launching or starting your dream with the little you think you have. 

Start with small steps forward. Do the research. Reach out to people to help and guide you.
You might not have a fancy digital camera, but you can sure launch your dreams of being a photographer. 

Do not talk yourself down into a depression. Just because someone chased their dream or a goal you had or still have does not write you off from hustling!

We all are in different areas of our journeys. My dreams and goals won’t mirror yours. It may take someone with more than what you think they have longer than you to get to the top.

Value your strength and confidence. You have what it takes and more to do great things. If someone told you today that you will grow into something beautiful would you believe them? Great things take time. Nurture your gifts. 

When I started my blog I knew that my focus was to help people strengthen their faith within God and their selves. I had no clue that I would impact so many people lives along the way. You should start with what you have because what you may consider “little” is much greater than what someone else may have. 

Your goals and dreams should not take the back burner for no one or no excuse. The only way your potential will be limitless is if you put in the effort to hustle. You can start today if you haven’t. What’s stopping you?

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to talk to you. 

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