There’s beauty in silence of you evolving. You feel a change in your approach to your dreams. You feel a change in how you view yourself. 

It’s for the better. You’re evolving for the better. People are watching you. They may not say little to nothing about they notice about you. 

Your glow. 
Your happiness. 
Your growth. 
You own it all and proudly. 

There’s no need to compete for attention or validation of strangers, family members, co-workers, or friends. Continue to do what excites and intrigues you. Take time to love on yourself while you’re in the pursuit of your dreams. 

You’re radiantly beautiful. Despite the pain and struggles, you endure. You are stronger and more resilient than you think. You are capable of achieving your wildest dream. Your hunger for better nurtures your ambition.

Eyes on your lane at all times.
There’s no room or time for comparison.
You are one of a priceless kind.

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