One may not always know a strong woman when they see her. Her presence demands attention. She does not allow for any situation to keep her from moving forward. She may get weak, yet her faith is strong. She knows her worth. 

She doesn’t settle for anything lesser than her value. She’s head-strong and knows what she wants in life. She does not tell everyone her business and moves with grace. She stands out because she does not need validation from anyone to chase her dreams. Her vibe is unlike anyone you have ever met. Her ambition fuels her potential to move mountains. Have you looked in the mirror and smiled in reassurance because of her spirit?

She doesn’t compare her life or blessings to others.

She challenges herself constantly.
She is willing to learn and is open-minded.
She takes calculated risks.
She uplifts the people around her.
She doesn’t live beyond her means.
She does not fake it until she makes it.
She prioritizes wisely.
She takes time out to practice self-care.
She does not dwell on the past.
She stays on top of her health.
She is not a “yes” woman. 

I wanted to break down each trait, but I knew that a lot of you would just appreciate the simplicity of this post. Let me know what a few are more traits that you believe mentally strong women do differently! Feel free to drop your answer(s) in the comment box below! 

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