Let’s be honest “ghosting” is a real thing that not many popular influencers in their niches talk about! So, you might pitch a brand that you know have received your email and they never reply. You might even get asked for your rate card or press kit by someone from a brand and they never reach back out to work with you. 

It can feel like you have revealed your hand of cards to the dealer who knows all your next moves. It can feel embarrassing, frustrating, and you can sometimes question your own value. I have been ghosted by brands before. I’m not afraid to admit it. You should not be afraid to admit it too! Here’s what you need to do when brands ghost you as an influencer.

Understand your value and never depreciate yourself.

You may feel defeated and that you have wasted your time reaching out to a brand. No matter if you were ghosted by a small or large company your value has not depreciated. What one brand does not see in you another will. Do not place your worth in what a brand can do for you. You are the prize and will always be the prize.

Do not become pressed for their attention

Being pressed or feeling the need to make yourself known on their social media platforms is not a good way to get noticed. If they ghosted you in private in email or DM’s, then do not place yourself in the brand's comments underneath photos or ads saying that they ignored you.

Do not re-pitch the brand within the same month

If a brand ghosted, you in the month of August then do not pitch them right away again within the same month. Give yourself time to rethink, pitch other brands, and to bounce back from being ghosted.

Continue to take yourself seriously

You are not weak because you may feel discouraged to keep pitching or being an influencer no matter your niche. There’s no need to throw a pity party for yourself. You are not a joke out here in these social media streets. It does not matter how long you have been working or not working with brands. When you take yourself seriously you will never feel bad about moving forward after any situation.

Ignored but Still Treasured

The main influencers that many brands ignore become another brand’s treasure. You also may end up establishing a relationship with another brand. You may have been overlooked, but you are still precious to any brand that works with you. 

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  1. This blog post has been extremely helpful and enlightening

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I am glad that you found it helpful as well.