You can not pay your bills with free products or social media promotion from a company sharing you on their social media pages. The influencer life that so many people have been losing sleep over and chasing in their daydreams is the lifestyle that hunted in me in my nightmares. So many women are afraid to admit that the influencer lifestyle is not ideal for every woman who’s trying to grow her platform. 

This year, I felt foolish for accepting a few opportunities to get free products in exchange for social media promotion. The time that I placed into creating video content for free brought me nothing. I did not feel happy. I was just relieved that I had followed through with taking on the projects and the lessons that I learned.

I am a stay at home mom who loves having her own source of income. I also love being able to reap the benefits of whatever I have sown. Gaining free hair products from any brand does not excite me. 

Working with a brand for free also does not guarantee that you will ever establish a relationship with the brand for paid future collaborations. Some brands that expect you to work for free and for promo will try to milk you. They will milk you for exposure and market your photos or videos. The money that they will gain from consumers will never get or hear anything about from the brand.

Whenever a brand now tries to leer me in with free product it feels good already knowing that I move differently. I am not pressed to gain followers from their social media accounts. I am not pressed to get free products from any company like I once was. I value my time. I value my inner peace enough to not be used. I am a grown woman with grown-ass bills. I desire to be taken seriously. I am more than just a black woman with marketable appeal and natural hair.

I have standards. I would not want my son to ever think that doing something for free will ever get him far in life. Your time is priceless. If you want to dine out and have a hot meal you need money to pay for your bill. Free promo won’t open doors for you that is organic. Grind and make a name for yourself.

It should not be difficult to move out here in these streets when you know that your worth is priceless. Keep on going. Your mental health and happiness will always come first before any brand.

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  1. The fact that you cannot make payment in this way is a pattern that is not understood today at least incorrectly, because it is all clear and clear.