Christmas is not even here yet, and people are already talking about who they are cutting off for the new year. I have been learned that I must be woman enough to do any deleting and sorting in different areas of my life before the new year. 

A new year does not mean that growth is not possible. There’s just a lot of speculating that goes into why start then when you can start today? Here are 3 things that I have stopped doing before the new year.

Waiting to cut off toxic relationships or situations

If you are tired of picking up a phone for someone who’s always begging you for money, a job, etc., why not end the relationship now. Make your thoughts and emotions clear to anyone who is draining you! You deserve your peace before we head-on into the new year.

Not having a vision board & goals prepared

Digital vision boards can help you see the goals that you have written out become manifested. I used to wait until January 1st to write out all my short- and long-term goals too! I ended up unclear on what I wanted and even felt rushed in creating goals. (This may not be the case for you or everyone else.)

When I gave myself time the month before to create goals and a vision board going into the new year felt better.

Waiting to practice self-care

I am an Aquarius. My birthday is on the 30th of January. I am sometimes hard on myself weeks leading up to my big day with dieting, working out, and meeting goals. I can also forget to pamper and love myself because I am a wife and mother. I tend to place everyone else’s needs before my own and put off self-care. 

I have learned to spice up my own happiness weekly by practicing some sort of self-care. My self-care could be waking up early to read, pray, and journal. It’s tender moments that I have came to love and be eager after.

Let me know if there are some things that you have stopped doing before the new year arrives. I would love to talk to you in the comment section.

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