Sometimes in our lives, people may tell us that you're being "too emotional, too apprehensive and or too critical." 

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It boils down in a vast, misunderstood pot of being too much. The comment may often be followed by, "You need to learn how to let go, stop overthinking, and live without worrying so much."

We can cultivate many different relationships along the way, whether they be professional, romantic, close friends, and just aquatints. Let's be clear, developing meaningful relationships with people that go south is not solely about the person you've chosen to leave behind or the person who did you wrong. It's about all things that came from those relationships that shifted your mindset, left you in tears, or even caused you sleepless nights. 

I've been there too! You've possibly questioned yourself time and time again about why things are always happening to you. ​Maybe you've asked your own sanity and the type of people who always seem to cross you. You may feel conflicted from​ repeating the same actions that, in return, leave you wondering will you find clarity in the end. 

You may feel misunderstood and lonely.

Or maybe you've had so many failed approaches to your dreams that you've so how convinced yourself that you must be the problem. Then one day, when you are no longer feeling trapped within your questions, and you can breathe and rest easy, you realize there was and is not a thing wrong with you. 

There is no one holding you back from experiencing true happiness but your mindset. The truth clicks in your brain reroute within your heart, and it sticks! Some people will agree to disagree. Some people understand you and those who will not. All this is fine! You will learn to live with it. 

What other people think and speak about you is none of your business. There's no need to worry and create scenarios about situations in your head of what people are saying and thinking about you. You've probably apologized to someone in the past or people about who you are thinking you were trying to keep the peace or gain common ground with someone who written you off for being too much.

I've learned that I caused myself unnecessary stress by apologizing in my past life for being too much! It was time that I can not get back. However, I needed to get through to own the woman who I was to become the woman that I am now.

Before you apologize for being what others may label as "too much,​"shake off any energy that feels heavy. There's no need to carry around energy that doesn't enlighten and powers you. You can play some music, go for a walk, workout, or even journal way anything that's weighing on your spirit. 

After all, you are not wrong for having the want and desire to feel more and to be more. ​You can feel energies and sense when there are negative energies around you. The people who may right us off for being too much by trying to point out our character will never understand what it's like to be you or me. We are strong, resilient, and people who crave truth when it's being concealed to the world.

Therefore continue to be "too much"—too honest, too bold, and even too passionate. We continue to make and create our own stories free of the constant editing of others taking God's pen. 

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