“It can’t be!” I heard as I smelled a bag of russet potatoes with my back still turned. 

“Omg, Linda. I’m a subscriber of yours.” The unfamiliar voice said as I turned around to face her.

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

“Hey, my baby!” I said while holding the 3-pound bag of potatoes in mid-air. 

“I know we are supposed to be practicing social distancing, but can I get a hug? I promise you, and I put it on God that I don’t have anything.” 

I smiled as if she could see behind my mask and opened my arms, and said sure. I was in Winn-Dixie, a local grocery store nearby my home after 8pm with 8 dookie braided plaits in my hair that was in a frizzy pulled back ponytail. She took every inch of me in and said, “I love you, Lynn. I put my mama and younger sister on your videos and blog. You have made a huge impact on my life. I feel like I have been knowing you for years.” 

I smiled and told her while admiring her kinky black hair pull into a high puff and detailed swooped edges, “Thank you so much. I just want to make the struggle look beautiful, ya’ know? I also appreciate you and your mama and younger sister for supporting me. Y’all support means a lot for real.”

I walked to my basket and placed my potatoes in it. Before either one of us to make things feel a little rushed or awkward, we went about our own ways in the grocery store. Of course, I couldn’t help but smile again as I went on about getting my groceries.

It’s a warm and touching feeling when you understand that your purpose in life lies within the greatness within yourself. Learning to cultivate and embrace the true essence of yourself can help you love yourself in every way and always! I realized about four years ago that I’m someone special to God’s kingdom, and I have a radiating joy and happiness that is infectious. 

It doesn’t matter what I may look like by the head while out in public. Lord, knows I take pride stepping outside looking as put together as possible. There’s always someone watching you and how you carry yourself. It may never seem that way, but it may be best to carry yourself with love and as much grace as possible even if you just going to run errands. You deserve to remind yourself that you’re going places in this lifetime, and you can’t be half-stepping trying to get there.

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