What would you do if you did not rely on the opinions or validations from others around you? If that question doesn’t apply to you, what would you do if you gave yourself permission? 

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

I asked myself both of these questions several times in my young late twenty-year-old life. Sometimes I have caught myself doing this year because I thought that my dreams, aspirations, or even goals may just be great conversation starters. I learned quickly that keeping quiet and writing it down and making it straightforward was more beneficial for me. I use to talk all over my mouth, even on my YouTube platform. 

I use to share things that I wanted to do with my hair or channel and get discouraged from negative comments or people trying to reassure me that I shouldn’t follow through with doing certain things that I may have mentioned. I also came from an immediate family of Debbie downers and dream killers. I knew back then to not speak on passions or dreams because I would be told almost immediately that I need to stop getting my own hopes high. 

Let me let you know that it’s okay to set expectations for yourself; just make sure your goals are attainable. Giving yourself permission to live in your truth may look different to every one us. Giving yourself consent can also pertain to many areas of our lives. 

When giving yourself the green light to live in your truth, it’s best not to search for others' validation. You have what it takes to do great things, break generational curses, and build generational wealth. You may be just one “What If” away from bettering your life!

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