One may wonder what makes certain women stand out from the others. No one woman is the same, but they can relate and connect on deep levels. It’s not always about the materialistic things, obtaining a certain amount of wealth or status that adds beauty to a woman. Happiness is priceless, and when a woman carries happiness within her spirit, it radiates on the outside!

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Unfortunately, for many women being happy comes across as being too nice. Being too nice for some can lead to being taken for granted or appearing transparent to others. I get it! There is nothing wrong with having a little sprinkle of mystery to you. However, you can use some techniques and tips in everyday life that can be essential towards guiding you towards experiencing true happiness. 

It’s also a sure thing that everyone has the potential to set her mind to any and everything she may desire in her lifetime and even accomplish it. You have what it takes to accomplish it all. To obtain success, your daily routine becomes a habit, and obtaining happiness is also a habit that can become a state of mind. A choice you make even when you may feel alone, worried, or with your back against a wall. There’s always something that you can smile about.

Here are seven things that happy women do:

Practice gratitude

Write out things, people, and even lessons that you are grateful for. Each day there is something that you can be grateful for. Keep your gratitude list in a notebook or even pen it down on index cards somewhere that you can always go right back to each day. When gratitude becomes a part of your daily life, you will experience a heart that’s always full and thankful even when life tries to knock you down.

Give Themselves Compassion

My therapist taught me about giving myself compassion in almost every weekly session we had. Giving yourself compassion simply means that you are not mentally beating yourself up about things that may go wrong in your life, letting go of the feeling of always wanting control and taking time to love on and be kind to yourself.

Practice Self-Care

Take some time to look at your weekly schedule, if possible, and see where and how you can take some time for yourself to wind down. Practicing self-care looks different for many women. Painting your nails, going to a salon for a pedicure and or manicure, buying yourself something new, treating yourself to a good movie, book, drink, or even sweet treat. Give yourself permission to love and treat yourself to something.

Complain, Less,

There’s so much to be grateful for that complaining can come off to be a waste of time. There is someone with less than what you have made the most out of it somewhere in the world. Letting go and letting things give yourself grace. 

When you complain to one person, sometimes you complain to someone else that you can get in contact with, and the cycle continues. When you decide to write down whatever that may be worrying you, the better and lighter, you will feel.

They Are Not People Pleasers

Being a people pleaser can drain you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Pouring from a half-empty cup won’t fill you up. You also can not be everything for everyone. It’s okay sometimes to just let the phone ring when someone calls you, and you feel as if taking their call may disturb your spirit. 

It’s okay to not agree to do something that your friends, family, people on social media, or even co-workers want for you to do. Happy women do not bother themselves with trying to please people all the time. The title of being people-pleasing is exhausting to even think about.

They Say No & Mean It

No means no, and there’s no need to ever feel compelled to explain yourself to people afterward. There should not be any need to argue with anyone because you simply said no. Also, do not be afraid to say it because you think it might hurt someone’s feelings. Consider your mental space first.

They don’t compare their progress to others

Whew! One word: “Social Media.” Letting the lives of others stunt how you see yourself is toxic. I have been there. Looking at other women’s accomplishments and congratulating them to then some sort of way start thinking about why you aren’t close to where they are in life can put you under depression. 

Learn to congratulate others while not being tough on yourself. Choose to level up even more because you have the burning desire to do it and not because you are fueled by any ounce of envy of others.


Wear a smile without feeling indifferent about it. If you would like to share anything with us on any habits of happy women and even men, drop it in the comment section below! Get your glow on!

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