You have made it to another month! Do your little dance! Last month had its own troubles and lessons that have been learned now. November 2020 has come quickly. It’s mind-blowing to think about how soon. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. 

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My husband and I have been making precious memories with Eli throughout this entire year. Also, we have been struggling with infertility. I have been trying to push it aside in my mind, but every month we have been trying, and I get negative pregnancy tests back to back, it hurts. I don’t ever want to question God’s timing, and the journey to conceiving another child has been difficult. 

It’s not about the money I have been spending monthly on pregnancy tests. It’s been about getting my hopes up high and feeling excited to see two pink lines on a First Response Test that plays with my emotions. 

I’m coming into November with an optimistic way of looking on the bright side. I’m continuing to place faith in God that this will be the month my husband and I conceive. This will be the month that Eli will possibly have a sibling on the way. If it’s in God’s will.


This month I am looking forward to:

  • Making my delicious sweet potato pies finishing up at least two books 
  • passing any tests, I have in my four college classes this semester
  • cool morning and even afternoon walk with Eli
  • Quite mornings journaling and talking to God
  • Decorating our Christmas tree (blog post will be coming) 
  •  Enjoying time with my family for Thanksgiving 
  • Shopping for holiday decor and warm clothing for my family and I 
  • Warm cups of tea & coco
  • My final dental cleaning of the year
  • Creating more content for my blog & YT channel 
  • Going to church & also going on the search to find a new one
  • Dancing to Christmas music from my favorite artists 
  • Reading more devotionals
  • Self-care sessions

Do you want to share anything you are looking forward to this November with our readers and me? Feel free to comment and let us all know!

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