21 Ways to Live Abundently in 2021

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, January 04, 2021

We have welcomed in 2021 a year of yet again limitless opportunities to partake on. In about a week from now, we will be about halfway through the first month of the New Year. If you're like me, you may be wanting to put those procrastinating ways behind you and give in to your ambition to tackle the mountain of resolutions or goals ahead of you.

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It’s key to remember that taking care of yourself in every way is important, and you should take some time for yourself as well.

Below are 21 ways to live your best life in 2021 (you can thank me later):

1. Drink a lot of water. At least 64 ounces a day. 

2. Moisturize on a daily. (You deserve to radiate on the outside too.)

3. Start keeping a journal of some sort. (Gratitude, dream, random thoughts, etc.)

4. Try something new to you. It could be a new workout, a new restaurant, a new recipe.

5. Invest in a few new or used books to read throughout a month and even the year.

6. Go to bed an hour earlier and/or wake up an hour earlier. You'll be surprised with how much better you feel when you get a good amount of rest.

7. Spend a night or weekend in a hotel to get out of your current space.

8. Start a bible plan and stick to it. (set reminders if needed.)

9. Share less of your business and plans with family & friends. (Leave some things a mystery about you.)

10. Have a self-care day monthly for yourself to be pampered.

11. Look into finding a therapist and or life coach.

12. Try to find ways to love yourself more. (No self-comparison.)

13. Don’t hold back how you feel about someone or a situation; let it be known.

14. Stay on top of your dental cleanings and visits.

15. Get an annual pap smear (keep your vag healthy and happy.)

16. Create and or find a few affirmations that you can speak to yourself daily.

17. Play music that makes you feel good.

18. Adopt an official skincare routine. (Glowy skin even with hyperpigmentation is a flex.)

19. Keep your head up, peep game, and set your goals wisely.

20. Stay mindful of the company that you keep. (They reflect you.)

21. It’s okay to be transparent with your truth. Everyone has something they are going through that they don’t talk about publicly. You may be the light to someone’s darkness.


It's the little things that can change your mood for the better! Let me know your thoughts! Rock out this year as much as possible, even if it is in your space with no one around. What are some ways that you will live abundantly in 2021?

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