14 Weeks Pregnant With My Second Baby

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, February 03, 2021

I’m officially 14 weeks, and I feel much better than I have felt in weeks. Baby Hurd is the size of a lemon! Plus, now that I am in my second trimester, I feel relieved to be transparent with this pregnancy. 

A few people have asked me questions about my baby bump. Well, I don’t have one just yet. I just look real bloated so far with my second baby at 14 weeks. I am not expecting to pop until the end of this month or for sure next month. I feel comfortable wearing comfortable clothing that is light upon my skin because I get overheated quickly. 

My cravings have been pasta, burgers and fries, Halo mandarins, fried chicken, Ceaser Salads from Chic Fi Lae, Frosted Flakes (until my fillings started to get sensitive), tacos, Apple Juice, Orange juice, and pizzas. My food aversions have been shrimp, hot sauce on catfish, and Chinese Food (in general); this baby doesn’t care for none of them.  I have had an occasional soda, but I haven’t and do not indulge in them weekly. 

My husband and I do not know what we are having yet. I feel like we may have another baby boy. Either way, I do know we will be thankful no matter the gender of our second baby whenever we find out. 

From this pregnancy, I have learned these past four months to continue to love my body and become more mindful of how I view myself, think of myself, and just go with the flow. Being a stay at home mom with a busy three and a half-year-old running around is what I make it to be. 

There have been days I had to just tell myself it is okay to rest, being that I am someone who hates daytime naps. I have had afternoons that I just had to walk into my bedroom, fluff up a pillow, call Eli to join me, and pull a blanket over our heads and just chill. I have been cherishing the quiet moments that I get. I have been making time throughout my day to just talk to God and even just thank Him for life and everything and everyone that I have in my life. 

At 14 weeks, I want my unborn baby to know that I can’t wait to feel him or her move around in my belly. I can’t wait to buying essentials for him or her and even hearing their heartbeat at my next doctor’s appointment. I am also going to start on my open dear baby letters on my blog as well. Be on the lookout, yall, and thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t, join the email list to stay connected. 

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