20 weeks, baby, baby! In my best Biggie Smalls impersonation voice! We are halfway there, and I can’t believe “well I can” how fast these five months have come. We know the gender of our baby, and we have started buying clothes and baby essentials. 

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Let me also note that all the planning I did with having clothes and shoes from my first pregnancy for this baby did not go in vain. The preparations are going to a local thrift store in my area. Therefore, we are welcoming our first baby girl, and Eli will be a great big brother. 

When my husband and I found out the gender on his birthday, March 19th, we were both taken by surprise. I was so shocked and excited, and my husband was too. He was convinced we were having another little boy, but his expression was priceless when he saw the ultrasound photo. He could not help but smile. I was shouting with excitement once I saw that we were expecting a girl. I now have a reason to buy all the cute and girly things from hair accessories, shoes, and tutus under the moon! 

How Is Eli Feeling?

He’s still grasping on to the concept that he’s going to be a big brother. He understands that many purchases that he sees for his little sister mean that a baby is coming. He just doesn’t know when or from what the baby will come from. I have been still buying many things for him and spending lots of time with him through breaks from doing school work and home chores. Overall, I am sure that he will be a little more sure about sharing his mama with his younger sibling in a matter of months.

Cravings/What I’m Loving:

Juicy cheeseburgers and fries

Sweet Tea & Apple Juice 

Soft baked, frosted sugar cookies

Soft baked chocolate chip cookies

Pineapples & Watermelon 

Hot dogs with Chili & Cheese

Cereal and milk

Biggest Adjustment

Sleeping on my left side (I’m a right side sleeper)

Boobs have grown way larger than my 1st pregnancy

Finding the time to chill out 

Baby Must-Haves (What’s been recommended so far!)

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Baby Feeding Starter Set 

Fisher-Price-Deluxe Take-along swing & seat

Boppy Lounger

TaoTronics Humidifier

How I’m Feeling

A little anxious



Until 22 weeks and we shall be back with a baby bump update. Thanks for stopping by!

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