Dear Baby,

Baby girl, we are now approaching 23 weeks to come tomorrow. You weigh in about 1 pound, and you are around the length of an eggplant. Eggplant’s length can vary from anywhere from 11-12 inches. I imagine how beautiful your smile will be each day.

Your big brother points at you while in my belly and says,” It’s a baby sister.” Your father makes these silly sounds that make me laugh while holding my belly on both sides, trying to wake you up or make you kick.

 I wonder what you be in my belly doing while you receive pokes, kisses, and belly shakes and hugs. I know that I switched up our prenatal vitamin for the third time during this pregnancy, and the morning sickness didn’t hit in our 22nd week like it did the week before. 

Girl, you had your mama throwing up in the kitchen sink while shaking her head, saying, “Oh Lord!” We made it through a lot of days of morning sickness and spurts of nausea. Food-wise, we have been enjoying chocolate chip cookies (that are soft and gooey). We have also been enjoying ice cream cones, hamburgers and fries, and red beans and rice.

Baby girl, mama has been having some skin issues, and some days, she doesn’t feel her best, but she makes the most of each day. Your big brother Eli and I go on walks around the block, rollie pollie, snail, and worm digging throughout the week. 

I am also still in college with one more semester left to get my associate's to transfer to a four-year university. When you make it here this summer, mama has chosen to take a semester off to be more attentive to you and Eli.

Easter Sunday 2021

During my 21st and 22nd weeks of pregnancy with you, I have become more self-aware of staying on schedule. A lot will change when you make it here, and I want to still be able to chase my dreams from home while you and Eli’s daddy go out and makes a living. I want you to know that mama will pour so much love, guidance, and prayer over and within your life. Mama is also chasing her dreams to help your father give you and your brother the best life possible.

It makes me teary-eyed thinking about sharing as much of this pregnancy with you because when my mother was pregnant with me many years ago, she hid her pregnancy with me from everyone until the day her water broke. I am not sure if she was embarrassed to be a pregnant widow or fearful of others' comments. Whatever it was she felt during the time, she knew life was growing inside her body (which was me at the time, I never asked.)

Nor have I never resented my mother (your grandmother) for her choices. I am just thankful that she kept and raised me with very little of many things, but her faith in God making a way possible for things to get better wasn't one of them. 

I want you to know now as I feel you move around in my belly that there is a purpose in your life and that you were uniquely designed for a purpose. Your life is a gift and doesn’t ever allow anyone to make you question your own presence. 18 weeks to go before we all meet you, baby girl! We also have a name picked out for you at the moment too.

Until the next letter!

Love your mama

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