30 Week Pregnancy Update

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, May 26, 2021

Hey, there! The last time we talked about my pregnancy and my baby bump update, I was 22 weeks pregnant. If you missed that, simply click here after finishing this to find out what was happening. I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and of course, that means 10 weeks to go in this third and last trimester of my pregnancy. 

Since my last update, I have been experiencing an array of emotions. Being a stay-at-home mom while raising my three-year-old while my husband is away from work has been more enjoyable since completing another semester of college. 

I managed to pass this semester of college with over a 3.0 GPA average and the confidence to take this fall semester off. I toyed with the thought of finishing my hopefully last year at my community college this fall, but I know that I want to give my full attention to raising my two children and loving them both equally.

My husband and I have decided against having a baby shower for our daughter and purchasing as much as possible before her arrival this summer. I have been a little nervous thinking about how I will help my husband financially provide for our children even more. I know that currently, in our lives, I am not bringing much to the table financially. 

However, I am keeping my faith in God and in myself to hustle for a better future for our family. Sitting still and allowing my husband to make all the bread and butter for our family just is not the way I want to be, nor do I want for our children to even think less of me as their mother for not applying my potential towards chasing my dreams. Mama must hustle to get to where she wants to be in life by any means necessary.

I have been to about three doctors’ appointments within the span of these few weeks of entering my third trimester. My blood pressure has been great. I have not experienced any yeast infections or BV throughout my pregnancy. 

My secondary lymphedema has not slowed me down from being as active as I can be. Plus, my baby girl’s heartbeat is strong, and she measures one week ahead, according to my doctor. Eli (my son) has been kissing my belly and making many comments about his baby sister being inside of me. 

My husband Bruce has been still giving his baby girl and me a lot of love. He’s been doing a lot of nuzzling my belly to get her to move when he wants to feel her kick. It’s been a lot of baby girl loving in my home for sure!

30 Week Questions:

Symptoms: I am swollen and retaining a lot of water weight. I have also been having a few headaches here and there and a few contractions throughout the week. My vaginal floor feels sore at times, and it is not due to sex. It is more of a pressure that I feel down there.

Wedding ring off or on: The wedding ring is still on, and I can move it around on my finger.

Cravings: Halo Mandarins, Watermelon, Apples with caramel, cereal, milk, Chocolate Chip Cookies (soft baked), Sonic or RaceTrac Ice, I either pour Apple juice, minute maid lemonade, or bottled water over! I also have been very thirsty for ice-cold water too!

What are we most excited about next? : Spending time together as a family walking around local parks and enjoying delicious meals from different spots in and around New Orleans.

Movement: She has been more of a chill baby girl inside of me. She kicks whenever I drink cold water, sweet tea, and sometimes even soda! She spends a lot of time moving around and asleep, especially when I am riding around or shopping.

Aversions: I know that I said I loved guacamole during the beginning of my pregnancy with our baby girl! Let us just say if I spread some on toast and eat it, I will feel forced to throw it up. It sucks because I bought some more just to eat, and I cannot even imagine eating it again this summer. 

I also have not been able to stomach sweet sauce on pizzas. I threw up a pizza that I ate before becoming pregnant that had a sweet sauce and was headfirst in the sink after three bites throwing it all up. Yep, pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me even in this third trimester.

Weight gain: According to my doctor, I have put on an average of 33 pounds. I am now about 207 pounds, my ending weight with my son when I had him 3 and a half years ago. I am not stressed about my weight gain because I know my body is doing what it must do to help aid in my baby's growth.

Physical Changes: My face is more full and rounder. My neck has two dark rings around it. The line on my belly called the linea nigra is darker and more apparent. My face is more dryer than usual, and I have dry patches on my face. 

My underarms are much darker, and I also officially can not see my vaginal area. My husband now helps with shaving my vaginal area since I am still afraid to go and get a Brazilian Wax. (As sensitive as I am down there. I know I would pee on their waxing table from the pressure of the hair being rip away). Haha! Lastly, my hair has been growing like weeds, and there is little to no shedding on my wash days.

Until my next pregnancy update! I can’t wait to let you know what’s happening! Feel free to talk to me in the comments as well!

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