I do not want to be her! That young woman that I used to be. I am determined to be better. I gave her grace, roses, and forgiveness. I treated her with respect. I gave her time to understand her purpose in this lifetime. I will admit there were times that I felt lost when she would question her willingness to move forward. I always knew that she was capable even when others looked and spoke down upon her. 

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

I continually knew that she would feel as if she was a warrior after conquering situations and tasks that may seem to have been a challenge. I loved her and hyped her up because her love language has always been affirmations. Therefore, there is no need to feel remorseful or terrible about any past mistakes that I have healed from. That young woman I used to be is still healing from her childhood traumas, which is okay. 

For I choose not to rush the healing process of her past because I chose to be gentle with her. She is sensitive and yet still growing within her womanhood. I commend her for having faith in God and herself. I commend her for having an irrefutable passion for chasing her dreams. I have outgrown her and still to this day can reflect by looking at old photos and journal entries. I respect her hustle and enthusiasm for life. I just want to make her proud because none of her efforts towards a better life for her and her family will ever go in vain.

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