Establishing Boundaries With Nosy People

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, October 09, 2021
When the phone rings or when a text message comes across your phone displaying a particular number or phone contact, be at peace within your heart with the decision not to answer. I have had people come into my life that only want to talk to me about what's going on with my personal business. I am sure you can relate too. 

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When I say "personal" business, I mean wanting the inside scoop. The "nosy folks" possibly wish to know about what's happening in my marriage, how my husband provides life for my two children and me, and even how I maintain and spend money—those types of people I handle with a long handle spoon. Years ago, I learned not to talk all over my mouth and never badmouth myself, my husband, and our union. 

People who are bone carriers (people who take your personal business and bring it with them wherever they go) thrive off your shortcomings. When you do not have anything negative to speak upon yourself, situation, spouse, or your child or children, you do right by your peace of mind. The way people handle your personal business varies from person to person. The same can go for your coworkers, old classmates, and even how you manage people on social media, establishing boundaries that you don't feel guilty about doing. 

When seeking peace, I have chosen to take the high road before dishing out my truth to people. It can be beneficial to learn how to establish your boundaries without taking anything the person may say or think about you and the cut-off point you set with them. Start letting people know that you are serious about it if you aren't comfortable talking about specific topics. Cut the smiles, the jokes, and be serious about not opening up so much about your life. 

I have learned that my frustrations were a pick me up and an ego boost for some people who carried the title of family and friend. They would be some of the best actresses and actors to grace the big screen with how they would smile about my downfalls, shortcomings, and even marriage issues. Sometimes before you cut ties with certain people in your life, it is best to lengthen the rope.

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