My 3 Words for 2022

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, December 03, 2022

You have made it! Embrace the feeling and vibes of the start of December 2022. In just a few more weeks, we shall be bringing in the new year. You have come such a long way this year. You have experienced so many ups and downs, but you are here. 

Throughout all this year brought you did not give in nor did you give up. It gets exhausting having to feel resilient all the time or strong, but life leaves you with no other option especially when you choose to keep going. This year has taught us quite a lot of things. I am sure you can attest to all you have learned this year from the various areas of your life. I will share with you the three words I am using, to sum up, 2022.

3 Words for 2022

Believe, Push, Value

Believe: Year 29, tested my faith in many ways. I had to remember throughout this year that the God I serve is brilliant. He is a God of purpose, love, and understanding. I had to lean and believe in Him and place my need and sometimes urge for control to the side so he could handle whatever needed to be handled in my life. I also had to believe in myself this year to trust that I was making the right decisions. I had to stop second-guessing and revisiting people and situations that were no longer good for me or my mental health.

Push: This has been something that I have been doing this year expeditiously. Push the pen. Push the point. Push the envelope across the table. Push through the pain. Push past the mark of a higher calling that God has upon your life. I pushed and I rested. I rest and I pushed. I did it all while keeping my head up even with tears coming from my eyes.

Value: I value how far I have come in my life. 29 years. 2 beautiful children. Peace of mind. Happiness. I sleep and wake up thanks to God with a heart filled with gratitude. I don’t compare my value or my blessings to others. I stand in my worth. This year I valued my mental health and life enough to do what I needed to do to stand in my power. The power that I always had. What did you value the most this year? Write it down. Journal about it.


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