As the scorching Louisiana sun blazes overhead, July has been a month filled with exciting changes and newfound independence for me in Baton Rouge. Settling into my new apartment, mastering the art of cooking filling meals, and reveling in the joy of living as an independent woman have been the three pivotal things that have shaped my journey this month. 

Join me as I recount the highlights of this transformative time and reflect on the profound impact each experience has had on my life.

Settling into my New Apartment:

Moving into a new apartment marked the beginning of this chapter of my life. Adorned with fresh lightly grey-painted walls and bathed in natural sunlight. The hard wooded floors are cold to the touch in my new space became a canvas on which I could be in my peace. 

The process of setting up my apartment comfortably has been both challenging and rewarding. The biggest thing that I have focused on is protecting myself and my kids in our place. I had a good friend of mine install a door jam on my front door, which was a gift from one of my girlfriends. Shout out to my girl The Jaded Medical Biller for being so giving and loving! I also installed a Ring camera this month as well.

Plus, I keep a door jammer in place for added protection. The furnishing of the apartment is still coming together, but my kids and I have a sofa and TV. Plus, we aren’t on an air mattress anymore. Our trips to the laundry mat have been cool and as well as traveling around the area via Uber or Lyft has been much more affordable now that I am in a busy area. 

Living alone in my new apartment allowed me to rediscover myself. It gave me the freedom to create an environment that reflects my personality and values. The solitude offered me an opportunity to find solace in introspection and embrace the peace that comes with personal space. The sense of achievement and pride that came with making this place my own cannot be overstated. It has truly empowered me to embrace independence and self-sufficiency.

Cooking Filling Meals:

With my new apartment came a new challenge – mastering the art of cooking. No longer able to rely on the convenience of shared meals or takeout, I embarked on a culinary journey. I always have enjoyed cooking and now I do it for just me and my kids. I am armed with cookbooks, online recipes, and the guidance of experienced friends, I began experimenting in the kitchen.

Cooking filled my apartment with the enticing aroma of various meals, making it feel even more like home. As I honed my culinary skills, I discovered the joy of creating nourishing meals that not only satisfied my appetite but also brought a sense of accomplishment. Preparing meals from scratch allowed me to incorporate healthier ingredients. I found myself savoring the process of cooking as much as the dishes themselves.

Moreover, cooking became an avenue for self-expression. I tried my hand at unique recipes and added my own twists to classic dishes. Sharing meals with friends and on my social media platforms became an opportunity to foster connections and create lasting memories, even in the heart of a bustling city.

Enjoying Independence in Baton Rouge:

Living on my own in Baton Rouge, Louisiana allowed me to embrace the richness of the city's culture and its vibrant atmosphere. I found myself exploring local cafes, attending community events, and immersing myself in diverse restaurants. Whether it was enjoying live music performances, wandering through the area of Perkins Rowe, or savoring the unique flavors of Louisiana cuisine, each experience deepened my appreciation for this city.

Independence, as I discovered, is not just about living alone but also about embracing new opportunities and forming connections with the world around you. Being independent in Baton Rouge encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and open my heart to fresh experiences. I have taken pride in paying my bills on time. Setting a budget for myself and the kids and maintaining a clean and healthy living environment for us.


July has undoubtedly been a month of immense growth and self-discovery as I settled into my new apartment, cooked filling meals, and embraced being an independent woman living on her own in Baton Rouge. Each experience has been an essential part of this transformative journey, shaping me into a stronger, more self-assured individual.

As I look forward to the coming months, I carry with me the knowledge that change and independence can lead to an abundance of self-growth and fulfillment. My new apartment has become a sanctuary, cooking a source of joy, and living in Baton Rouge is an exciting adventure. And so, I eagerly await what the future holds, knowing that with determination and an open heart, life's possibilities are limitless.

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