As the summer draws close, a wave of excitement and anticipation is weeping through my household.  The new school year is just around the corner, and as a parent of two wonderful kids, I can't help but feel a mix of emotions – from enthusiasm to a touch of nervousness.

This is also my first year living alone with my kids in a different city and school system. I am gathering everything together for them with this new academic year. I want to ensure my children have the best start possible. Join me as I share my journey of preparing for this new school year with my two kids.

Reflecting on the Past Year

Before diving headfirst into planning, I must reflect on the previous school year. This introspective process helps me understand my children's strengths, challenges, and areas that need improvement. My son has a speech delay, so his needs must be met at his new school. In preparation, I have my son’s I.E.P. reviewed by the school this summer. Last year he was in Pre-k. It was his first time in the classroom. I had anxiety. It steamed from my son’s growth in the classroom setting.

As time passed, I learned more about my son’s academic strengths, weaknesses, and learning disability. I reviewed his report cards. Looked over his teachers' feedback. Alina also made a transition from being at home to going to daycare full-time. She has been doing well in daycare and is on the path to becoming potty trained. Plus, I observed Eli and Alina’s general attitude toward learning. Armed with this information, I can better tailor my approach for the upcoming year.

Setting Goals Together

With Eli, I have been letting him know that I am eager to have him on a proper sleep schedule for school. I am going to be also making sure that we wake up early together and that I can get him on the bus successfully without any drama. Last year, there were days he did not want to get on the bus. It was rough trying to convince him to get on the bus some mornings because I had to clock on for work, but this year I am taking a new approach to his bus riding. We also will have homework goals of practicing his writing and reading with Alina in the evenings after dinner. 

Creating a Study Space

A conducive study environment plays a pivotal role in a child's academic success. Together with my kids, we revamp and personalize their study spaces. I will be adding motivational posters, organizing their supplies, and ensuring proper lighting. An inviting space makes it easier for them to focus on their tasks and reduces distractions.

Gathering Their Necessities  

I have been making an effort to buy ahead of the time of the starting school year. Eli’s successfully enrolled in his new school. I also have purchased all his school supplies, uniforms, and a nice pair of sneakers. All that I have left to do is to get him a haircut. For Alina, I purchased her new clothes, and school shoes, and have her snack options on deck for her. 

Establishing a Consistent Routine

As the summer break often comes with a more relaxed schedule, I gradually reintroduce a consistent routine. A regular sleep schedule, meal times, and designated study periods are essential components. This transition helps to ensure that when the school year begins, they are already accustomed to a structured day. I will be making the adjustment smoother.

Refreshing Core Skills

To get a head start on the new academic year, we dedicate some of our summers to revisiting core subjects. We engage in fun yet educational activities that refresh their reading and writing skills. This not only prevents the "summer slide" but also instills confidence in them, knowing they are ready to tackle new challenges.

Encouraging Extracurricular Exploration

As much as academics are crucial, I also recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in their development. Before the school year starts, we explore different hobbies and interests they might want to pursue. We have been having a blast with play dough, washable paints, and Legos.

Open Communication and Emotional Support

Starting a new school year can be overwhelming for kids. I want to be there for them every step of the way. I make it a priority to maintain open lines of communication with them and their schools.

I will be actively listening to Eli’s teachers and Alina’s daycare provider for concerns and fears. By acknowledging their emotions, I can provide the support and reassurance they need to face any challenges that come their way.


As the new school year approaches, I am filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead. Through thoughtful preparation, setting goals, and fostering a supportive environment, I am confident that my two kids will embark on this academic journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

The key lies in nurturing their love for learning and encouraging their passions. As a single mom, it will be my mission to be there to support them as they grow academically and personally. With these tools in hand, I believe the new school year will be a fulfilling and successful one for both of my children.

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