The Last Week of Being 30

in , , by Linda B Hurd, January 22, 2024

As I eagerly approach the milestone of turning 31 in just one week, I am reflecting on the incredible journey of the past year. It's not just about thinking about blowing out candles on a cake on my birthday. I am thankful for all the victories, lessons, and self-discovery that have come with embracing a new age. This is not just a birthday that’s on the way; it's a celebration of independence, resilience, and the power of embracing life on my terms.

At 30, I stood at a crossroads. I was newly divorced and ready to redefine what life meant to me. Little did I know that the year ahead would become a testament to my strength, resilience, and ability to thrive independently. If someone had looked me in my eyes and told me that I would have accomplished moving out of my friend’s home with only two paychecks stacked up; I would have said, “Stop playing. Be for real!” Oh and insert a laugh too. *wink wink*

One of my most significant accomplishments was stepping into remote work after four years of unemployment. It took me a year to find employment on my own after being denied serval times. I had no car, but it did not hold me back from still having the burning desire to get a place to stay. Moving to Baton Rouge with no family here to help me if something had happened was frightening.

I am not the type of woman who wants to thrive in the codependency of other adults to keep me afloat. I knew that working from home was the best option for me to put my skills into action and make an honest living to provide for myself and my kids. There were of course people that even doubted that I was looking for a job! It was amusing.

People will always have a perception of you. It also has nothing to do with you. I was not a slave to comfortability because I had goals that I knew were attainable. I continued to smile and keep my business to myself. The sense of empowerment that came with taking charge of my professional life was exhilarating.

In the process, I discovered the importance of growing closer to my spirituality. As I embraced my faith, I found a source of strength that went beyond the challenges of my life. This connection with God became a guiding light, providing comfort and purpose as I navigated the complexities of life as a newly independent woman.

Living in my truth became a mantra, a commitment to authenticity that transformed every aspect of my life. Testing the waters of dating, I learned to be true to myself, unapologetically embracing who I am and what I want. It wasn't just about finding someone to share my life with. I do. However, it was also about understanding and loving myself in the process.

Self-love became a priority, manifesting in the little acts of kindness I showed myself. I took myself out on personal dates, exploring the purple and gold stamped city I now called home. In these moments of solitude, I discovered the joy of my own company and the beauty of self-reliance. Each adventure became a celebration of my journey, a testament to my ability to find happiness within.

Turning 31 is not just about growing older. It is about becoming wiser, stronger, and more in tune with the person I am destined to be. As I stand on the brink of another year of life, I am excited for the possibilities on the way. Life won’t also go as expected. This is why I live with no expectations. I have learned to see the beauty that lies in the unexpected, the lessons learned, and the person we become in the process.

So here's to 31 – a year of independence, growth, and self-discovery. May it be filled with joy, challenges that make me stronger, and a continued journey of embracing life on my terms. I am ready to make a toast to another year of becoming the best version of myself.

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